Will post more later, but until then, enjoy these snapshots from this past weekend.

A lot has happened in the past two weeks since I have posted! I've started my new job as a nanny, and I'm LOVING it! James (my "boy") is so sweet, and cute. Couldn't ask for a better baby to watch. It's been interesting learning about young children, and amazing that I get to be a part of raising this child. Crazy.

After Thanksgiving, I jumped right into my last week of work at the YMCA. It was crazy busy, and I was sad to leave, but ready to move on. The following week (last week of November) I started nannying, and as I said before, I'm loving it. The new schedule is taking some to get used to, but other than that it's great. That week Trish and I went over to Kyle Cooper's to help him decorate; something that has become a small tradition. We ordered pizza and sat by the fire just chatting and catching up after we decorated. The next day, a whole bunch of people (about 40) went to the opening night of White Christmas at TPAC (TN Performing Arts Center). Of course, the night couldn't be complete without something ridiculous happening....None of us (Trish, Julie or I) quite knew where TPAC was, so I took us to what I thought was the right place. We ended up at another place entirely! We didn't have time to go back to our car, so we just walked, in heels and dresses, with no coats. It was hilarious, and we still made it just in the nick of time.

Thursday night Brooke Fraser played at 3rd&Lindsley, which was so fun to go to. A handful of friends were there, we had great seats, and the best part was that we were home by 9:30! Friday night I scored free tickets to see Keith Urban (he was playing in town), so Katie, Clayton, Justin and I went downtown to the Sommet Center for the show. It was a GREAT show, super long, but incredible. Keith (and his band) are really talented muscians; which is what I love the most. He pulled Martina McBride onto the show and did a duet with her which was fantastic. At one point after his encore, he said "Ok, the show is finished, but I don't want to go home. From here on out, it's totally on the fly". It was so great! He had each of his band members sing a line from The Steve Miller Band "The Joker". It was so much fun. I'm so glad we were able to make it!

Saturday I got up early, ran some errangs, worked out, then headed to 9 Fruits Smoothies, a new smoothie place that has opened in Cool Springs. 9 Fruits stands for the fruits of the Spirit...which is great! My smoothie was wonderful as well. Now I'm trying to recruit as many people as possible to stop by!

This past week was a little more low-key, and I was grateful. I was so beat from every night of the previous week, that I needed some "recover" time. My weekend wasn't long enough!! Saturday I slept in, worked out, stopped by 9 Fruits (of COURSE!) and then to run some errands. Katie came over and we started our Christmas Baketastic Saturday. We had so much fun, but ended up crashing at about 5:30 from our sugar high-to sugar low. :) We ordered Chinese and re-fueled before Aaron and Lauren came over to decorate cookies and make a gingerbread house. It was quite hilarious I must say so myself.
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Sunday was our Christmas Kids Production-SO CUTE! They did a great job winning everyone's hearts. After church Curtis, Jon and I went to Stoney River for lunch. Curtis works there, so we had a discount. I love their food, wish I could eat there more often. After lunch we dropped by the new Green Hills development Hill Center to look around. There are great new shops like Anthropologie, West Elm, 5 Guys, Pei Wei, Swoozie's, etc. etc. etc. Such a fun little area! After running home and resting for a bit, Trish and I decided to go bowling. We called up some friends and they met us there for a great night of laughing and an overall good time. Mark, Todd and Manny met us there, but Mark, Trish and I played. I bowled my all time high of 104 (I know, lame) and was super excited!! We ended the night by playing a few rounds of arcade-style Dance Dance Revolution. It was so funny, and a fun way to end the night. Trish and I were able to catch up for a few minutes before she had to leave; she was showing me the paint swatches and wallpapers she has chosen for her new place. Less than a month to go before the house is finished! Woo hoo!

I know that was alot, but I'm trying my best to keep you in the loop! This week there will be no shortage of fun, tomorrow is our staff Christmas party, Life Group party, Frontline Party, Uturn party.....shew. I'm all partied out and haven't even begun!

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