Tis the Season!

Wow, I just can't believe it's Christmastime! I have been enjoying every bit of it, however. I've stayed busy with many Christmas parties (some mandatory, some not ;), shopping, TONS of coffee, and plenty of conversations had with friends while sitting in traffic. :) I had a small blip on the Christmas Spirit radar last week; I came down with a 48 hour stomach bug. Not fun. Other than that, I have completely enjoyed myself!

A week from today I will be in cute, quaint Gatlinburg! I can't wait! My family has decided to spend an early Christmas in a cabin, skiing Ober Gatlinburg. I know, NOT real skiing, but hey, we are from the south, this is as skiing as it gets for us! I'm looking forward to chilling by the fire, soaking up in the hot tub, skiing (and tubing) the slopes, and of course..SHOPPING! I love Gatlinburg. I love how quaint and country it is. Granted, I wouldn't buy something from every store; but I love it's ambiance! Some girlfriends and I spent New Years there last year, SO FUN! I'm excited to spend some much needed time with my younger brother and sister; sans their boyfriend/girlfriends. What can I say, I'm being a little selfish?? We'll head out on Christmas Eve, and I'm hoping to make it back to New Song Woodbine's Christmas Eve service; then on to my dad's in Kentucky for Christmas day. We decided instead of having Christmas dinner, we are going to have Christmas breakfast. I can't wait, SO YUMMY! My dad may be a handyman; but that doesn't limit him from the kitchen. He's just as handy in there as well. I'm hoping to catch up with some friends while I'm home; always so hard since I'm not there that often. Who knows, maybe they will read this and decide to come to Nashville! :D

Well, it's off to finish the Christmas shopping list (only a few more to go! ). Doesn't it just feel good when you purchase a gift for someone else? Makes me want to do it WAY more often. Merry Christmas!! Oh, and by the way, here's a throwback to the Student Intern Days. Enjoy this rendition of a "Cajun Christmas".

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