I was inspired to reflect on 2009, and to highlight the 'best-of's' parts. As most of your know, 2009 was the most challenging, heartbreaking, emotional year that I have ever had. But even through the hardships I faced this year, I am ending 2009 on a positive note! Even though I walked through some very difficult things this year, I have grown more as a person, as a Believer, and have truly come to know what it is to lean FULLY on Christ. He has been my Sustainer throughout every single intricate part of this year.
He orchestrated my move to Southern California, He directed my steps to find my new home church. He knew the specific friends I needed to lean on, confide it, and find healing within. He wanted to show me another side of the country, that He made just for me. He knew I loved the Great Outdoors; so He moved me to where I could experience yet another vast part of His creation.
He is wonderful.
He is faithful.
He is good.

Without further adieu, here is my list of my BEST OF 2009!! (I will not be numerically numbering these, how could I rank events in my life?!)

*Switching to an iPhone. I found cellular freedom!!
*Seeing the ocean on a regular basis.
*Getting my backbone back.
*Meeting new and precious friends.
*The pleasure in serving Him, to truly serve Him.
*Discovering a hidden talent for cake-creating/decorating.
*Seeing a dear friend find musical success. (Check out seabird.com!!!!)
*The joy of assisting in raising the two precious munchkins I nanny for.
*Seeing my youngest brother graduate from Army Basic Training.
*Seeing my oldest brother at the best point in his life.
*Moving to California.
*My 25th Birthday at Arrington Vineyard.
*Seeing dear, precious friends move around the world, pursuing His purpose in their lives.
*Dreaming again.
*Breathing again.
*Dave Matthews Band en concerto!
*Attending the CMT awards right before I moved.
*Seeing my first West Coast sunset.
*Hiking up to the Hollywood sign with my dad.

That's all for now.... a part two will follow soon!

Well, it's Christmastime. I wouldn't know, as I live in a climate that stays relatively warm year round. It's taken some getting used to; but being able to go outdoors in shorts on December 16th is pretty fabulous!

My dad came for a visit shortly after Thanksgiving-and we had SUCH a blast! We went everywhere. Hollywood and the Hollywood sign, San Diego, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, etc. He was quite culture shocked (as was I when I moved here), but had a wonderful time. I made him a fall-inspired birthday cake, complete with fondant leaves. He was so surprised!

Dad and his cake

Dad and I

I'm gearing up for my trip back to the South, and I am SO ready! I'm taking a two week vacation and hitting all the places I love. Nashville, Gatlinburg, Elizabethtown and Louisville. I'm super excited to spend some fun time with my family, and super, super excited to spend New Years in Nashville with my girls Katie and Jenni!

The list of places to go? I'll start with Nashville:
Ivey Cakes-BEST cupcakes-EVER.
BlueCoast Burrito-the best Naked Salad ever.
9Fruits-Fabulous smoothies, owned by two of my friends.
Opryland Hotel-what's Christmas without seeing the lights at Opryland?!

I've been baking up a storm lately, and have an exciting cake to share with you hopefully, this weekend. It's for a contest that I'm entering, and for my Christmas Party that I'm sharing it at! I can't wait, and I'm hoping it turns out as well as it is in my head!

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