Yep, good ole' Jack Johnson was in concert last week, and I was so excited to see him perform live! I've always wanted to, but Jack never toured near Nashville. Thankfully, 2010 was my year in Southern California.I'm so glad I follow the musicians that I do; they are all so talented! It's so fun to see someone perform live and be as good or better than their records. That in itself is a kinda funny statement, huh? But in these days of the Taylor Swift's of the world, I mean what I'm saying. Love sweet Taylor, own her records, but girl can't sing live. Poor thing. As we say in the south..."bless her heart!"

But not Jack Johnson! He is so chill, funny and talented. He brought his opening acts on stage with him, Zee Avi and G-Love from time to time. He sang all of his classics, covered a song or two, and his grand finale was my personal favorite song, "Better Together".

I also saw Sara Evans and Rascal Flatts this week, as their concert was re-scheduled from a previous date. We met up with a group of friends and tail-gated all afternoon. I'm still not used to the idea of tail-gating for a concert, but hey-I won't complain! We had a great time! We originally had lawn seats, but by the time we got in the venue it was SO packed, we decided to be sneaky sneaky and head into the Terrace seats. All of us made it in! Have NO idea how we did, but we did, and loved every second of it. We sang and danced our little hearts out and had an absolute blast.

Well, this officially ends Stacey's Summer Concert Series....but tune in for more adventures! Coming soon is camping at Joshua Tree, my first time to Las Vegas and New York City, Christmas in Kentucky and Tennessee, and most of all, my solo trip to IRELAND!

Dancing Queen

One of my favorite blogs to browse is The Finer Things, and todays post was incredibly adorable!

How stinkin' cute!!!

Well, it's that time of year! Halloween! I recently went with friends to the Knott's Berry Scary Farm, where ghosts and ghouls ruled the night. Creatures would slide across the pavement, through the fog to scare you, and creepy clowns would follow you around. There were many "mazes" to walk through, and believe me, I had NO voice by the end of the night.

I haven't been to anything to frighten myself in a long time, and now I remember why. I hate it! I had a fantastic time, but I so do not enjoy getting scared. My friends got a good laugh at my expense, and I'm glad they did. I just won't be returning next year unless I have someone to death grip. :)

It's in this season I'm reminded of traditional things I did back home in Tennessee. Every fall we would get pumpkins, go out on a back road in Jon's Jeep and obliterate them. I've tried to think of a way we could do that here in California, but I just don't know where we could.
Corn mazes were always a blast, and sadly, we have no corn here! Knott's did their own version of a corn maze, and my friends made me go first. I was impressed, and terrified of course!

I hope you all have a fantastic fall season complete with timeless memories only fall can bring.

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