WOW! I can't believe this weather as of late! So beautiful! There have been hot spells well into the 90's-100's temps; but I still love it. No more Southern Humidity here in Southern California!

A few weeks ago I went with some friends from my new church to "Feed the Troops" at Camp Pendelton, near San Diego. We had a great time setting everything up, serving the guys, and seeing them DEVOUR the food. We served tri-tip steak, potatoes, corn, salad, bread, dessert, I mean the list goes on. The best part was that they had just returned (literally!) from a five day mission out in the fields. They were dirt-encrusted, smelly, faces painted, and shaking from eating nothing but MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). It was so great to see them so excited for a home cooked meal!

Beth and I at Camp Horno, inside Camp Pendleton.

Serving the Troops

Manny and I went down to Balboa Island, Newport Beach a few weeks ago to walk around, see the sights, etc. We had a BLAST! I'm so glad I've got a few friends from back home here in California. Balboa Island, Newport Beach, CA

Manny G on the ferry to Balboa Island

This week I had my first experience at Angel Stadium! We saw the Angels beat the Texas Rangers in a seemingly chill, but really intense game. Smelled the stadium smells, saw the classic "girls who dress like they are going to club", enjoyed our view from out fabulous seats (thanks Ash!), and cheered on our favorite players. What a fun night!

Ashley and I pre-game
Yeah, we gangsta.

Melissa and I

I prayed and prayed for good, quality friends in California, and of course, He exceeds what I ask for! I'm loving my new group of friends, and can't wait for the exciting adventures to come!

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