Katie flew into LAX and we headed straight for Hollywood to meet Manny for dinner at a fantastic place called Aroma Bakery. It was delicious and so fun to be in the city for an evening. Saturday we went shopping, then to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Newport Beach, the Bluewater Grill. From there we went to see Dave Matthews in concert! I will never get tired of seeing that band perform. So talented!

Sunday we got up early and headed for the water. We rode bikes all along the boardwalk, ate lunch at Sharkee's, and partied til' the sun went down. Monday and Tuesday I had to work, so we played with the kiddos in the morning, and hit Huntington Beach for dinner on Monday; and the John Mayer concert on Tuesday.

John Mayer deserves a whole other paragraph. He was incredible! First let me tell you about his opening act, Owl City. His name is Adam, and he makes good music. Well, more than that, his lyrics are catchy, somewhat ironic and mostly stick in your head goodness. I was intrigued to see him perform live, because his music is so heavily electronic. Surprisingly, he stood in front of a microphone, playing an electric guitar. His band played so well, and he closed the night with "Fireflies".

Enter John Mayer. In his plaid pants and ugly polo, he stole the crowd instantly. Playing his classics, we all stood and swayed to the goodness that comes from his melodic guitar. Aside from his constant cursing, what he said in between songs wasn't too bad! He made us laugh, made some people cry, and over all played an incredible set. All too soon it was over, and we had to go home.

Enter the football.

Traffic was a nightmare, so Katie and I stood by my car munching on snacks we had brought, when I saw some guys playing football. Knowing we had time to kill, we jumped in the game and killed some time. I'm pretty sure I kept nailing the same white Toyota Camry over and over...oops!!

Wednesday came and I had to say goodbye to my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We had a great time, and I can't wait for the holidays so I can see her again!

I saw Eat.Pray.Love the other day, and it was incredible. If you aren't familiar with the story, a single woman goes on a year long quest to find herself, and find God in three different countries. While her story is different than mine, it made me again question why I'm not pursuing certain things in my life.

I love to travel. I'm thankful I've had the opportunities to travel all over the world. I have yet to travel to Europe, and I'm so excited to go in the spring. I've planned to go with my sister and mom, but watching the movie the other day made me think of "what if they can't go". And here's what I've decided. I'M GOING. I know it's not the safest thing to do, or the smartest, but I can't let fear of the unknown keep me from living my life. I've wanted to go and do things for the past few years, but have watched opportunities pass me by because I was afraid to go alone. Well, no longer.

Now, I'm not going to be a complete idiot and walk into things unprepared, no way. I'm just finished with watching life pass by while I stand still. So, Ireland, here I come, with or without my travel companions. I mean, it's IRELAND. In March. Which means one thing...

ST. PATTY'S DAY IN IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was reading my favorite blog The Pioneer Woman today, and she recaps her recent trip to the Big City. It got me thinking about my upcoming trip in the fall and I realized that I'm terrified to go!

What if I don't fit in?

Don't worry, you won't.

What if it's terribly cold?

It will be. Get over it.

I have to meet a million new people. Awkward conversations.....GO!

Again, get over it.

I'm scared I'll feel claustrophobic.

Go to Central Park.

Oh, you'll take me to Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ?

Ok. :)

The legendary Manuel Garcia celebrated his birthday in style Saturday night; he celebrated with about 50 of his friend in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. Host Alastair Chang opened his LA loft for the amazing party....

Manny's cake I made, it's one of my favorites!

We all had such a great time! I met so many new friends, and reconnected with a few old ones. What's ironic, I met two people from Nashville, and we are connected in all these random ways! The world really is a small place sometimes. Alastair has a fantastic home, the perfect place for an intimate party. The talented Noel L preformed, as did Vinyl Siding and others.

For the seven years I have known Manny, each birthday he outdoes himself. One of my favorites was his 30th, two years ago at a mutual friends home in Green Hills, Nashville, TN. It was an outdoor event, complete with a pool, pool house, wine, gourmet snacks and much much more. I'd have to say that this year tops even that. Or, maybe not tops, but definitely matches in display, entertainment, etc etc.

One of my favorite elements from this years bash was the photobooth. A new favorite trend at parties and weddings, it adds a fun element as well as lasting photos for years to come. Here are just a few snapshots!

Photography by Brandon and Serra Wright

As many of you know, I'm a nanny for two small munchkins that I love to pieces. We are always on the go, being active, doing whatever we can to keep me sane. Just kidding. We love the outdoors! I grew up on a farm where I had the vast countryside to roam and play, build forts and hunt, interact with animals and run from my brothers. I'd like to show the kids I care for a taste of that free childhood. Living in Orange County we are within borders, but I've done my best (with their parents help!) to find the coolest parks and am constantly looking for new and exciting things to do.

One of the things I've been wanting to find is a traveler to attach to my bike. They are a little pricey, and I'm sure we won't use it but for a year or two more. So, we've looked and looked but never made the purchase. Until today.

I was a Target, and happened to run through the bike equipment aisle, and there on the shelf for 50% off was a Schwinn Bike Traveler!

I was so excited! I quickly confirmed with my boss that I could purchase it, and the kids and I are so excited to put it together! I love bike riding, there are SO many trails around where I live; just another reason to be outdoors!

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