Katie Came to Cali!

Katie flew into LAX and we headed straight for Hollywood to meet Manny for dinner at a fantastic place called Aroma Bakery. It was delicious and so fun to be in the city for an evening. Saturday we went shopping, then to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Newport Beach, the Bluewater Grill. From there we went to see Dave Matthews in concert! I will never get tired of seeing that band perform. So talented!

Sunday we got up early and headed for the water. We rode bikes all along the boardwalk, ate lunch at Sharkee's, and partied til' the sun went down. Monday and Tuesday I had to work, so we played with the kiddos in the morning, and hit Huntington Beach for dinner on Monday; and the John Mayer concert on Tuesday.

John Mayer deserves a whole other paragraph. He was incredible! First let me tell you about his opening act, Owl City. His name is Adam, and he makes good music. Well, more than that, his lyrics are catchy, somewhat ironic and mostly stick in your head goodness. I was intrigued to see him perform live, because his music is so heavily electronic. Surprisingly, he stood in front of a microphone, playing an electric guitar. His band played so well, and he closed the night with "Fireflies".

Enter John Mayer. In his plaid pants and ugly polo, he stole the crowd instantly. Playing his classics, we all stood and swayed to the goodness that comes from his melodic guitar. Aside from his constant cursing, what he said in between songs wasn't too bad! He made us laugh, made some people cry, and over all played an incredible set. All too soon it was over, and we had to go home.

Enter the football.

Traffic was a nightmare, so Katie and I stood by my car munching on snacks we had brought, when I saw some guys playing football. Knowing we had time to kill, we jumped in the game and killed some time. I'm pretty sure I kept nailing the same white Toyota Camry over and over...oops!!

Wednesday came and I had to say goodbye to my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We had a great time, and I can't wait for the holidays so I can see her again!


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