This weekend Trish, Jon, Bethany, Josh and I set out to conquer the Ocoee River in East TN. We chose to do the "Upper", which was the Olympic course in 1996 for rafting/kayaking. We had a fabulous time, and other than Josh popping out at the beginning, we had no losses on the trip down the river. We had a great guide, "Dobbs" who left us laughing and sometimes scared-he was super serious.

After the rapids, we headed to our campsite at Gee Creek. The guys (and Bethany) set up camp while Trish and I went back out on an adventure to find firewood. You would think that a place that has so many campsites; that they would also have firewood. NOT the case. We were lucky that our guide told us that he was selling some. So after tracking him down, we filled the back of my Rodeo up and headed back to camp. We grilled hot dogs, "Reemore's" (Smore's with Reeses, named by Trish), enjoyed some Phase 1o and just hanging by the fire. We were able to sleep in a bit despite the sprinkling rain, and packed up camp. We tried to toss the disc a bit, but the wind (or our lack of energy) wouldn't allow us to throw properly, so we called it a day. We grabbed some Sonic and headed to the site of the Olympic course to watch the rafter's go down the river. It's so funny to watch someone else do what you just did the day before-I hope I looked as good as they made it look!

I woke up that morning with severe allergies, and didn't pack my meds-so I had to dope up on Benadryl. Needless to say I was quite drowsy/loopy by the time we headed back home. I slept most of the trip home!! As soon as we got back to my place, we jumped in our own cars (we had taken mine) and headed straight for church. I could only stay for the first part since I was so loopy on Benadryl! I headed home as soon as I could, quickly unpacked and crawled into bed about 830. I slept straight until this morning!

So far, the last few weekends have been packed full with activities, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm sure my boss would love it if I didn't come to work every Monday with my hair in a ponytail and coffee in my hand.... :) This coming weekend is hopefully going to be my most favorite of the summer. Trish and I scored great flights to Florida; and we are able to stay with dear friends of mine, the Pugh's. The Belcher's also live in the same town, so I am so excited to spend some time with both of them-ON THE BEACH! :)

More updates to come, I'm sure-until then-as a friend of mine emailed me-have a splendid week!

I promise I have a life that doesn't include posting videos to my blog. :)

Claw Baby

Have been amazing lately. It feels like my life has been turned upside down these past few weeks! I briefly mentioned it a few weeks ago, but WOW-there are no words sometimes!

I have had the busiest summer, and I have loved every moment of it. I am so glad that I have been able to take many trips home to Kentucky, small trips with friends, camping, caving, flying, seeing baseball games, football games, going to the drive in, celebrating birthdays, the list goes on. I have missed plenty of hours of sleep, but have gained so many fun memories along the way, that it has been totally worth it!

I'm excited for this weekend of White Water Rafting and camping, then the next weekend soakin' up the sun in Florida with Trish! We are going to visit Karl and Lena Pugh, as well as Eric and Melissa Belcher. Can't wait! There may also be a NYC trip in the mix for September, I'll keep you posted.....


Trish and I went shopping today. No, we didn't skip work, we shopped via the internet and chat. How ridiculous are we?? :) This was my bargain for the day...SO CUTE!


Such a touching story. I saw this on Trish's blog and thought I would share. Click on the video to the left.

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