I had the BEST day ever. Seriously. We had the best church service I have ever been in on Sunday morning, and I can't even begin to describe it. I felt like crying and laughing all at the same time! The Presence of the Lord fell in that place, and we were all moved. I highly encourage everyone to listen to the podcast. After church, The William's invited everyone over for lunch and to swim, so of course I took them up on that! So many people came, even a family that was visiting from Norway that I connected with. We played games, swam, watched our Pastor do flips off the diving board......

We even managed to watch the European Football (Soccer) Championship- Spain Won :)

Hope you had a great weekend!


I've been so bad at posting lately-so sorry! The past few weekends have been a blur; a quick trip to Washington, D.C. for my brother's high school graduation, working over one weekend, etc. Busy as always.

I'm excited for next week to come! Next Thursday I'm headin' home to Kentucky to celebrate the 4th of July with my family and friends! I'm so excited. We're going to a rodeo, then watching the fireworks (and my sister sing!) in pure country form......ahh summer. My favorite season. The following weekend all of my siblings and I are headed out to Dale Hollow Lake for a fun weekend on the water. I can't wait!

CrossFit is still the hardest thing I have ever done! We are moving in to the new building next week, and we are all so excited. More room for full pull-up bars and my personal favorite (can you hear the sarcasm?), more rowing machines. I'm still improving greatly (as with the rest of us!), and getting stronger, better, faster. That's the point, right? :)

Well, I'm having a restful, somewhat uneventful weekend, and I'm not complaining! I went to the gym tonight, then grabbed a movie on my way home and am just chillin' tonight. Tomorrow I have a pool date with Julie (doing what we do best-getting tan!) tomorrow, and then that's it! It's so nice not having plans. I may make it out to Natchez Trace tomorrow evening if the weather holds off. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be!

Blue Eyes Soul

I'm loving this band from Sweden, Blue Eyes Soul! They capture that eclectic Euro sound, with a mix of some funk and enough fun to keep you coming back for more. You can check out their myspace page (does anyone have a REAL website anymore?) by clicking on their name listed above for more info.
Check out their response to a anti-God movement in Europe....

Great Weekend!

I had a wonderful early Father's Day with my dad last week! I took a short trip beck to Kentucky to visit my dad, and spend time with my sister. Thursday evening we had dinner at Buckhead's on the River (a local favorite) and enjoyed Graeter's ice cream in the Highlands. My dad has a Jeep, so we cruised around town with the top down-loving every second of it!
Friday I visited CrossFit in Louisville (which kicked my butt), had dinner with my Grandma, pedicures with my sister, then a casual dinner with my dad before heading out for a late night with my friend Austin. Saturday dawned too early, so dad and I hit Starbucks before embarking on a morning of yard sale hunting. We ended up in Taylorsville, where we used to live back in the day. Oh, how it's changed! We had a great time.
I drove back Saturday afternoon and had dinner with Katie and Juston, and by then I was BEAT! Sunday was SUPER fun, some friends came over for a BBQ and to swim, we had a great time. Throughout the afternoon people were starting to head out, so a few of us went back to my place for ice cream and to chill. We ended up at Royal Thai for dinner....which leads me to why I am posting this today. I woke up this morning with a case of food poisoning!!! I've never had it before, and so far, it's not so fun.

But other than the effects of yesterday today, I had a fabulous weekend! What a way to kick off the summer!


I usually try and recognize friends on their birthdays, but haven't done so for June.


Happy Birthday to:

Julie Carter, Scotty Faircloff and Melissa Kolarcik (June 5th)
Juston Reeder (June 6th)
Chris Maple (June 7th)

I know, I know, lots of birthday cards, but hey, friends are worth knowing they are loved and celebrated, right?

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