I've been so bad at posting lately-so sorry! The past few weekends have been a blur; a quick trip to Washington, D.C. for my brother's high school graduation, working over one weekend, etc. Busy as always.

I'm excited for next week to come! Next Thursday I'm headin' home to Kentucky to celebrate the 4th of July with my family and friends! I'm so excited. We're going to a rodeo, then watching the fireworks (and my sister sing!) in pure country form......ahh summer. My favorite season. The following weekend all of my siblings and I are headed out to Dale Hollow Lake for a fun weekend on the water. I can't wait!

CrossFit is still the hardest thing I have ever done! We are moving in to the new building next week, and we are all so excited. More room for full pull-up bars and my personal favorite (can you hear the sarcasm?), more rowing machines. I'm still improving greatly (as with the rest of us!), and getting stronger, better, faster. That's the point, right? :)

Well, I'm having a restful, somewhat uneventful weekend, and I'm not complaining! I went to the gym tonight, then grabbed a movie on my way home and am just chillin' tonight. Tomorrow I have a pool date with Julie (doing what we do best-getting tan!) tomorrow, and then that's it! It's so nice not having plans. I may make it out to Natchez Trace tomorrow evening if the weather holds off. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be!


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