Ok....so my friends and I are addicted to the show LOST (see previous post). My friends Josh wrote this little diddy with all the titles of the second season's shows! Amazing! Check it out:

We've LOST Our Way (Season 2) -Josh Fulton

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"
The three have gone "Adrift"
"Orientation" is here again
"Everbody Hates Hugo"--- his love his gift

They lost they're way "...And Found" their fate
"Abandoned" they forget their ways
But in their heads the survivors debate
What went on "The Other 48 Days"?

A "Collision" of past full of lives lived wrong
No one knew "What Kate Did"
Searching for comfort in "The 23rd Palm"
Kate's "Hunting Party" in exchange for Michael's kid

With "Fire + Water" we feel good about the day
But "The Long Con" destroys what they believe
When "One Of Them" comes into play
Clair gets sent out on "Maternity Leave"

And Just when you thought that "The Whole Truth" was found
and you "Lockdown" your ideas for sure
You find that "Dave" keeps hanging around
"S.O.S." and our underground structure

One for the money and "Two For The Road"
Will they make it home"?"
We have "Three Minutes" til overload
So we "Live Together, Die Alone".

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So, I've discovered another show that I like. Yesterday, I was sick and decided to rent the 1st 4 episodes of Prison Break (after seeing the pilot with Trish the other night, I just needed to!) and I love it! I think part of the reason why I like it so much is that it's not addicting. I could stand the episode ending, and didn't feel that instant urge to want to see the next episode.

On the subject of addicting things, LOST comes back on in October! Woo hoo! I haven't ever been a follower of a show before, but LOST has me totally sucked in. Sometimes I find myself searching the internet trying to find answers to things in the show and then I stop and realize that it's completely fake! But it's oh-so-good! I think what makes LOST so good for me is my friends. We all get together on Sunday nights and watch the latest episodes. We all just pile in Trish's living room and veg out, talk, fellowship, etc. It's great.
We have taken a hiatus for the summer, but I can't wait for the season premiere! It's going to be awesome to see the show again, but also to hang with the gang of LOST.
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This past weekend I went to Niagra Falls, Canada for a family reunion. I don't have time to tell all about it now, though I will later.
Check out the photos though!
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Welcome to Canada!
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3rd or 4th Cousins..something like that.
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Sisters rock!
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So do wineries!
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Wine tasting at 10 in the morning-oh yeah!

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Mark and I have worked in the Youth Dept. for the past year and a half-we even share a desk!

3 years...wow. It's hard to believe that it's finished, but at the same time I was ready. More than ready. Not in a negative way, but in a ready-to-be-released way. My life has been transformed on SO many levels these past three years, that hopefully anyone can see the difference in me.

I have learned the importance, the necessity of community and close friends. I have been blessed with the most amazing group of brothers and sisters that I could never imagined having! But, the Lord knows what I need, and He placed great people in my life. The past three years have been the hardest and best years of my life so far. I know that there is more to come.

How can I sum up three years? I can't. It's hard. And, I start crying. It's so precious and close to my heart. I know I'll be 85 years old, sitting on my front porch in my rocking chair and think back to these crazy years. I'll always cherish them. Forever.

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Lauren, Jon and I Halloween 2005
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Spring 2004-Campbellsville, KY
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Lauren and I after our LSM graduation August 2005

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