A Tribute to LOST

Ok....so my friends and I are addicted to the show LOST (see previous post). My friends Josh wrote this little diddy with all the titles of the second season's shows! Amazing! Check it out:

We've LOST Our Way (Season 2) -Josh Fulton

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"
The three have gone "Adrift"
"Orientation" is here again
"Everbody Hates Hugo"--- his love his gift

They lost they're way "...And Found" their fate
"Abandoned" they forget their ways
But in their heads the survivors debate
What went on "The Other 48 Days"?

A "Collision" of past full of lives lived wrong
No one knew "What Kate Did"
Searching for comfort in "The 23rd Palm"
Kate's "Hunting Party" in exchange for Michael's kid

With "Fire + Water" we feel good about the day
But "The Long Con" destroys what they believe
When "One Of Them" comes into play
Clair gets sent out on "Maternity Leave"

And Just when you thought that "The Whole Truth" was found
and you "Lockdown" your ideas for sure
You find that "Dave" keeps hanging around
"S.O.S." and our underground structure

One for the money and "Two For The Road"
Will they make it home"?"
We have "Three Minutes" til overload
So we "Live Together, Die Alone".


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