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I've made two trips to Kentucky this week! Shew! That's a lot of miles...but it was worth it!
The first trip last Sunday was to my old church Southeast Christian to see Phil Wickham.
Phil is a Christian artist whose music I have really come to love and appreciate! He has such an anointing to lead worship and is lyrically gifted beyond anything I have heard recently. My friend Julie came up with me, and we spent our Monday hanging around the Highlands and Old Louisville area. We had so much fun! We met up with my sister Stephanie who was shooting some new photos for her website. I'm sure her new pics will be up on the site soon.
After hanging with Steph, Julie and I met up with my friend Heather at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.
We had a GREAT time, that place is crazy! We enjoyed some Lynn-style lunch and of course, loved the decor. It's almost visually overkill, but that is what makes it SO fun! Everywhere you look there is something to see. Every table has a ugly lamp (they have a annual ugly lamp contest!) and miniature toy dinosaurs to occupy the wait time. It is definitely something else, something to behold!
We headed down Baxter Avenue to my favorite Louisville store, the Cherry Bomb. It's a fun vintage new and used clothing store. Julie and I picked up some great hats and I got a vintage Ferrari shirt. How fun!

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My second trip was on Thanksgiving Day, this time to Lietchfield (where my mom lives). We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving, complete with our new sister-in-law! My step-brother was recently married, so it's great to have another addition to the family. The guys had a shooting contest (I shot once, it's so painful!) and the girls enjoyed picking through the wedding proofs and warming our toes by the fire.

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After playing some cards, we opted to go see a movie in Etown. We all agreed on August Rush, and I do say, it was amazing. When I got back to TN tonight, I actually went to go see it again! It was that good. I wish the ending was a little longer, but hey, it was great so I'll take what I can get. I absolutely loved the soundtrack; the blend of rock and classic was fantastic. I can't wait to own it!

Well, it's that time to put up the Christmas decorations! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

YMCA Video!

As promised, here is the video that we filmed Sunday night. We had such a blast putting it together, and thanks to Jon for editing it SUPER last minute, you rock! I'm hoping that we win in our category; they take this seriously at the YMCA. In two weeks we will have the ceremony at the Theater and see who won! I'll keep you posted...but until then, enjoy the video!

Wow, I had one full weekend! Friday night was Frontline, our church's young adult ministry. We recently had a team go to the Dominican Republic, so they shared stories, led worship DR-style (which included singing in Spanish-which I LOVE), and performed a drama. The drama they performed was to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse. You may have seen this drama at an event or even online. Here's the video by another group, but the same one.

One of our friends recorded the song in Spanish so they could share it in the D.R. What a powerful song and drama!

Saturday, I got up early, went to Starbucks and read for a while before trying to get a early start on some Christmas shopping. I found some GREAT Christmas wrapping paper and ornaments on sale, half price! I love a good sale! Katie and I met at Pier One to finish the shopping, then headed out to Natchez Trace and Puckett's Grocery for lunch.
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I absolutely LOVE Lieper's Fork! It's so fun, and so beautiful! We hiked about 4 miles before heading back to Puckett's for some home-cooked goodness. I love that place as well, so quaint and some GOOD food!

Saturday evening was Uturn(youth), and this week was Merge (small groups), and I am SO proud of my group! Since I'm not leading a group anymore, it was great to come back and see how they are growing. After Uturn, I met up with some friends at the fire pit at my apartment! I had NO idea we even had an fire pit! It was a lot of fun, roasting some serious smore's and singing. Sunday was church, and again, PA brought it! This week he talked about Walking the walk, walking in Love. It was so good, and just what I needed! My friend Kyle led worship, so we all went out to lunch afterwards. We sat where we could see the Titans game, and sadly, they lost. They played really bad, and I wasn't proud. I'm hoping to go to a home game before the year's end though. After lunch I went to Angela Wards' house so Lauren could practice make-up on me. She had an interview at Mac makeup (only the BEST!) and I was her model. Two days of amazing makeup...yes please!!
Sunday night we filmed our Academy award video for the YMCA, to U2's 'Beautiful Day'. It was quite the experience, I'll just say I climbed a rock wall with a guitar and jumped down. It was awesome. I'll post the video when it's finished.

So, that was my weekend! I hope you had a weekend as enjoyable as I did!

I haven't posted in over a year, I guess I have forgotten about this blog. BUT-it's a new day! I want to have this blog to be able to keep family and friends up to date with my ever-changing life!
So, without further's what I've been up to.

For the past two years, I have worked at the YMCA of Cool Springs. I started as a lowly birthday party worker, and slowly worked my way up. I currently am in the Membership Coordinator position, which I love. It's had its ups and downs, but I have enjoyed learning new things! I am also working for New Song Woodbine, as the Administrative Coordinator. I started that position a little over a year ago, right after graduating from the Student Internship. I really enjoy this position as well. NS Woodbine is located in Nashville, and is smaller than the main congregation in Cool Springs (Franklin). I do love the smaller congregation, (we average about 150) it feels more like the church I grew up in and like a family.

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This past Saturday my step-brother James got married! Congratulations! Last weekend were the bridal shower/bachelor party and then this weekend was the wedding. It was beautiful, his bride, Sarah was beautiful, and the reception was so fun.
So, James and Sarah, congrats and blessings on your future!

After driving home from the wedding I met some friends at Jackson's in Hillsboro Village (our current favorite hang) for coffee and snacks. Sunday, church was amazing! Pastor Andrew (PA) brought a word of Walking the Walk, and walking as a new creation. It was a fresh and encouraging word for me, for sure! Sunday evening Trish came over and we tried to watch Spiderman 3 (didn't get in to it), and opted for the movie "Evening". Very interesting, but good.
We ended the night early and I headed straight to bed. I've enjoyed adjusting to the time change! On that note, I've been here in Nashville for 4 years, and still the fall time change amazes me. I mean, it is DARK by 5pm. So weird! By 4:15 is the eerie color of evening, and 5:00pm complete night. I love it, but is so hard to adjust to every year.

Well, it's off to the rest of my lunch break. I look forward to updating this post to keep everyone up-to-date with my life! Have a great Tuesday!

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