Natchez Trace Weekend

Wow, I had one full weekend! Friday night was Frontline, our church's young adult ministry. We recently had a team go to the Dominican Republic, so they shared stories, led worship DR-style (which included singing in Spanish-which I LOVE), and performed a drama. The drama they performed was to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse. You may have seen this drama at an event or even online. Here's the video by another group, but the same one.

One of our friends recorded the song in Spanish so they could share it in the D.R. What a powerful song and drama!

Saturday, I got up early, went to Starbucks and read for a while before trying to get a early start on some Christmas shopping. I found some GREAT Christmas wrapping paper and ornaments on sale, half price! I love a good sale! Katie and I met at Pier One to finish the shopping, then headed out to Natchez Trace and Puckett's Grocery for lunch.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I absolutely LOVE Lieper's Fork! It's so fun, and so beautiful! We hiked about 4 miles before heading back to Puckett's for some home-cooked goodness. I love that place as well, so quaint and some GOOD food!

Saturday evening was Uturn(youth), and this week was Merge (small groups), and I am SO proud of my group! Since I'm not leading a group anymore, it was great to come back and see how they are growing. After Uturn, I met up with some friends at the fire pit at my apartment! I had NO idea we even had an fire pit! It was a lot of fun, roasting some serious smore's and singing. Sunday was church, and again, PA brought it! This week he talked about Walking the walk, walking in Love. It was so good, and just what I needed! My friend Kyle led worship, so we all went out to lunch afterwards. We sat where we could see the Titans game, and sadly, they lost. They played really bad, and I wasn't proud. I'm hoping to go to a home game before the year's end though. After lunch I went to Angela Wards' house so Lauren could practice make-up on me. She had an interview at Mac makeup (only the BEST!) and I was her model. Two days of amazing makeup...yes please!!
Sunday night we filmed our Academy award video for the YMCA, to U2's 'Beautiful Day'. It was quite the experience, I'll just say I climbed a rock wall with a guitar and jumped down. It was awesome. I'll post the video when it's finished.

So, that was my weekend! I hope you had a weekend as enjoyable as I did!


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