Do I Dare?

I do. This weekend I am planning on going home to Kentucky for a quick visit. I'm hoping, SO hoping to be able to go to Six Flags for their annual "Fright Fest". I don't think I have been to Ky Kingdom since I was in high school! In addition to the roller coasters, (Yes, the Hellavator is closed..) they have people in costumes lurking around, a haunted "forest" and numerous other fun fall frightening things. I can't wait!


I'm absolutely loving this artist! She's so eclectic and funky, yet folk-sy at the same time. Her lyrics are somewhat random; but always sweet in a way-and she's definitely in love with Autumn. Who can blame her?
Folk-lover or not, you've got to give her a listen. Hope you enjoy!

Coming Soon....

I know some friends have already posted these new CD's on their blogs, but being a fan of both, I thought I would share the love. I have both of their previous cd's, and LOVED them. I'm excited to check out their new ones!

And coming soon in concert....(just a little over a week away...)

I guess blogging isn't one of my best things I do-I always forget to update!! So sorry....

The past few weeks have had their ups and downs (like any week), but two weekends ago was one of my favorites so far this fall. My dad came to spend the day with me (he lives in KY), and we decided to take his new Jeep Wrangler for a spin on the Natchez Trace. The weather was just starting to cool down, so we took the top down, grabbed some coffee (and Trish!!) and headed out to the country for a drive. We stopped in Leiper's Fork, seriously one of the cutest little towns around for some fun photos and a refill on the beverages; then headed out to cruise the Trace. After about an hour of fun filled driving and a quick hike up to the Lookout, we headed back to Downtown Franklin to have lunch at Puckett's.

After Dad headed back home to Kentucky, the girls and I met up to grab a fancy dinner of cheese and crackers before heading out to Arrington Vineyards for their weekly Music in the Vines. There we met up with Julie and Merari and got situated on the hillside for our evening picnic. the Jazz band was fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We laughed, talked, enjoyed the wine and music; all while watching an amazing sunset. Once dark, we could even see fireworks in the distance! Absolutely amazing.

The following day (Sunday) I enjoyed catching up with a friend at Fido's, one of the local (and one of my fave's) coffeeshops. After that I headed home to put in a quick walk with Trish, then we loaded up three different kinds of S'mores-and headed out to Travis's. We had the perfect bonfire, perfect weather, and the perfect debut of Ree'More's, (Reese smores), CarMore's (Carmello Smores), and your traditional Chocolate. My fave is the Ree'More's, THANKS TRISH! Travis and Scotty broke out the Acoustic and ukelele, and sang wonderful campfire songs (ok, some goofy Scotty songs too..). A perfect ending to a great weekend. OH, and the Titans went 4-0, first time in Franchise history! Even Better :)

This past weekend was much more low-key. Friday night we started our annual Movie Nights at New Song Woodbine, and it was a HIT! We showed the Bee Movie, and I convinced my friend Jon to wear a bee costume that I had rented. I'm not sure how much convincing it took, he is always up for a laugh. Saturday Trish and I headed over to Katie's home to paint her much needed living room. I will say, we did a fantastic job! I wish I had photos to post, I'll track them down and put the before and afters up-it's amazing! Saturday night...I honestly can't remember what I did Saturday night. I'm sure it involved hanging with the girls. :) Sunday was mellow, I wasn't feeling well and left church early to go to Trish's . Her house is SO warm and comfortable, the couch is addicting!! Trish made me lunch, and we just rested all afternoon. Caught a movie on TV, and watched the Titans game...they pulled it off AGAIN 5-0!! I just can't believe it. Sunday night we went to Katie's to see her final product (She still had to paint her built-in bookcase); and again, we were so satisfied with our painting jobs! Monday I had the day off and went for a hike at the Natchez Trace again (I just can't stay away! ), and enjoyed some much needed Julie time. After a quick stop in at Jocelyn's, I was headed home for the afternoon. I met up with Katie to do a brutal workout, then hit the sack. So all in all, I had a relaxing, but full weekend.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, I have community service to serve in KY for a speeding ticket I got this summer (I know, I know); and may try to make it home to see the fam and friends. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful fall weather as much as I am! Coffee and sweaters, here I come!

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