Need a Good Cry?

I had to.

In honor of the graduating student interns, I thought I would share some past graduation videos that appeared at various graduations while I was a student intern. Unfortunately, these videos do no include all of the super sweet and funny photo slide shows, just the skits. Enjoy!

January 2006 Graduation
Graduates: Kyle, Lauren and JT

August 2006 Graduation
Graduates: ME!! Stoney, Sarah

This was for our Host Home Celebration...2003

Another Host Home Celebration...circa 2004?

Crush on Clouds

A friend of mine recently "updated her status" on Facebook to read: "I've got a crush on clouds lately". It made me think about clouds, naturally. This is what I found. Pretty incredible.

10 Days...

My "Stay-Cation"

Wow, this past week has been so powerful in my personal life, my world has pretty much been turned upside down! It's a very good upside worries there. I'll give a brief update on my "stay-cation" last week before sharing about everything else that is going on.

Last Saturday I packed up the car and headed to Dale Hollow Lake to meet up with my brothers and sisters for a weekend at the cabin. We had a fantastic time jumping off the top of the boat, chatting by the fire, climbing rocks to jump off of, playing hours of Phase 10, etc. Oh, and did I mention that we NEVER stopped eating? We seriously ate constantly. It was insane how much food we all brought! My favorite part of the trip was the last morning, we are checking out of the cabin at the marina and it was SUCH a beautiful day...that we all decided to take the boat out for a few last hours of fishing (for the guys) and catching some sun for the girls.

Tuesday Katie and I took a last minute trip to Mammoth Cave, KY to go on the Wild Cave tour. I've actually done this tour before, but it is so much fun that I could go over and over and over! Our guide actually told us that there was a person who did the tour 101 times, and never went the same place twice. Talk about crazy! So, we did things that I didn't remember on the last tour, got a little freaked out by the tight squeezes, got completely soaked, and completely dirty. It was entirely too much fun! Luckily, someone brought there camera on the trip so we were able to have photos of the trip. Such a fun day! It's almost a week later and I am still sore on my legs from crawling. Did I mention it was 6 hours? Yeah. We're talkin' serious spelunking here. Or, as Katie would call it.."kerplunking".

more to come...


This is what I do, to an extent. This is was the CrossFit games 2008 in California. Obviously, they are competing for a much better time than I ever complete, but it's the same workouts essentially.

Eli Mattson

I found Eli Mattson online recently, a singer/songwriter who recently auditioned for America's Got Talent. He has a unique sound, and definitely made me want to follow his music career.

My Mini-Vacation

More details to come, but enjoy these photos until then!

Live Your Life

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit family. Due to a series of events, I had to fly in to Baltimore, MD and take the train into Union Station in D.C. I had never taken a train before, and I was doing it alone. I didn't know what to expect. In the end, everything was fine, but as I sat on the train (it was about a 40min ride), my mind began to roll. I was lost in deep thought, and I decided to write some of them down. Here's what I'll share:

As I sit on the train watching the trees pass by, I realize that my life is extraordinary. Not just ordinary, but EXTRAordinary. I was created for this. I was created to experience life; MY life that He has given me. Be it the simplicity of watching the diversity of people on my train, or meeting that sweet old couple who just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. That’s life.
How often do I get stuck in my own bubble, not realizing that I’m breathing recycled air? What will it take to get me outside that bubble? Some event, be it unexpected, to give me that life-giving rush of fresh air? Like stepping into the clean air in the mountains, it kind of burns when you breathe in. That’s the life I want to live. I love more than anything to experience something more than ordinary.
What is your outcome?
I know mine. I choose to live my life.

Yes, it's finally happened. On July 3, 2008, I received my very first speeding ticket. The ticket aside, I will say I entered into the world of offending the law with a bang; and NOT by choice.

So here's what happened. I was on my way to my mom's house in Kentucky for the 4th of July. I decided to buy my little brother some fireworks before crossing over into KY (we have better fireworks than KY)...and missed the exit. I turned around and headed south on 65, lost in thought about the awesome purchase I was getting ready to make; when I noticed a cop car. Immediately I looked down, saw that I was going roughly 70, which was the speed limit. In that split second it dawned on me that I was in a construction zone, and the limit was 55. How could I have NOT seen the sign? Sure enough, he flipped on his lights and came cruising after me. After he took my information, he informed me that I was going 74 in a 55. NINETEEN mph over the limit! I was so mad at myself for not remembering the 55mph sign.

So, the policeman takes my info back to his car, and I wait. And wait. And wait. Then I notice in my mirror that there is a lot of commotion behind me. I turn and look, and there are now two cop cars! AH! What the heck?! Soon enough one comes to one side of my car, and the other to my drivers side and ask me to step out of the car and join them in the back. I'm clueless at this point. What on earth is happening? He gives me my ticket then asks me the question of the day. "Do you have any narcotics in your car? May I search your car? Do you have any weapons?" At this point I want to laugh out loud. I'm dressed in a polka dotted skirt, red tank with sparkles in it, cute hair and accessories-I'm about the last person that would have any of the above mentioned things in their car! So there I am on the side of the interstate, two policemen surrounding me, searching my car, asking me scary questions. I feel mortified, and so thankful that this happened in KY and not anywhere remotely to where I lived. I would have died if someone I knew saw me!

The policeman that was standing by me at the back of the car got to asking me questions about myself (why make small talk when you have a GUN?) and asked what my degree was in. When I replied "Biblical Counseling, I went to a bible school"...he laughed. Not at me, at the situation and the grumpy cop searching my car. He then apologized and tried to get me out of my ticket! So sweet, even though I was well deserving of the ticket. As the other cop re-joined us at the back of the car, he seems satisfied finding nothing. That's when I tell him that I'm sure what he smelled (he mentioned that he smelled something in my car earlier) was my perfume; and he doesn't seem phased. He thanked me for my cooperation and left me with my $200 ticket.

Happy Fourth of July.

I didn't buy the fireworks.

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