My "Stay-Cation"

Wow, this past week has been so powerful in my personal life, my world has pretty much been turned upside down! It's a very good upside worries there. I'll give a brief update on my "stay-cation" last week before sharing about everything else that is going on.

Last Saturday I packed up the car and headed to Dale Hollow Lake to meet up with my brothers and sisters for a weekend at the cabin. We had a fantastic time jumping off the top of the boat, chatting by the fire, climbing rocks to jump off of, playing hours of Phase 10, etc. Oh, and did I mention that we NEVER stopped eating? We seriously ate constantly. It was insane how much food we all brought! My favorite part of the trip was the last morning, we are checking out of the cabin at the marina and it was SUCH a beautiful day...that we all decided to take the boat out for a few last hours of fishing (for the guys) and catching some sun for the girls.

Tuesday Katie and I took a last minute trip to Mammoth Cave, KY to go on the Wild Cave tour. I've actually done this tour before, but it is so much fun that I could go over and over and over! Our guide actually told us that there was a person who did the tour 101 times, and never went the same place twice. Talk about crazy! So, we did things that I didn't remember on the last tour, got a little freaked out by the tight squeezes, got completely soaked, and completely dirty. It was entirely too much fun! Luckily, someone brought there camera on the trip so we were able to have photos of the trip. Such a fun day! It's almost a week later and I am still sore on my legs from crawling. Did I mention it was 6 hours? Yeah. We're talkin' serious spelunking here. Or, as Katie would call it.."kerplunking".

more to come...


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