Live Your Life

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit family. Due to a series of events, I had to fly in to Baltimore, MD and take the train into Union Station in D.C. I had never taken a train before, and I was doing it alone. I didn't know what to expect. In the end, everything was fine, but as I sat on the train (it was about a 40min ride), my mind began to roll. I was lost in deep thought, and I decided to write some of them down. Here's what I'll share:

As I sit on the train watching the trees pass by, I realize that my life is extraordinary. Not just ordinary, but EXTRAordinary. I was created for this. I was created to experience life; MY life that He has given me. Be it the simplicity of watching the diversity of people on my train, or meeting that sweet old couple who just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. That’s life.
How often do I get stuck in my own bubble, not realizing that I’m breathing recycled air? What will it take to get me outside that bubble? Some event, be it unexpected, to give me that life-giving rush of fresh air? Like stepping into the clean air in the mountains, it kind of burns when you breathe in. That’s the life I want to live. I love more than anything to experience something more than ordinary.
What is your outcome?
I know mine. I choose to live my life.


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