My Newest Addiction

Pastor Andrew talked about Geocaching in his sermon a few weeks ago, and it piqued my curiosity. I googled it and was completely in love! I enjoy discovering things, and this is basically scavenger hunts, on crack. You use coordinates to locate the cache, which is hidden in, under, and on things. Today Pastor Andrew called and invited Mindee and I to join his family in an afternoon of geocaching, and I was SUPER excited about it! At one point, we had PA scampering up a street light corner post, another time Jake (Andrew's son) was given a boost to scour the top of a sign. Both times we were "Skunked" (couldn't find it). The final cache Jocelyn found, the clue was "Under JBS". We looked and was near a cemetery so we thought it was near a headstone (morbid, I know). After we had given up, loaded the kiddos back in the car, Joc goes running off with the GPS one last time, and finds it! It was under a street sewer thing. Good lookin' Joc!
All that to say, I am now addicted, and can't wait to go next week! I am officially joining team if you see some crazy people searching for things in crazy areas....just smile and know we are searching for something not everyone is looking for. :)
I dare you to try it, it makes you think, thats for sure!


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