Power Song

The key to any great workout is great music. Even having a "power song", if you will. My power song would have to be "Breathe Into Me" by RED. You know the moment in your workout when you are tired, want to go home, bored with your w/o..etc. I wish I had THIS! It's perfect!
I'll be honest, it was hard to get motivated to the gym tonight. I wasn't feeling so good, had mountains of laundry and....HAVE YOU BEEN OUTSIDE? It's cold! Really cold!
But, I overcame the cold, the ickiness and ran my little heart out.

Here's what kept me going:

Green Light-John Legend
Summer of 69-Bryan Adams
Good Morning Revival-Good Charlotte
Staple It Together-Jack Johnson
Keep Your Hands to Yourself-The Calling
Better-Brooke Fraser
Viva la Vida-Coldplay
The Moment-SafetySuit
Free Fallin-John Mayer version (GREAT cool down song!)

Saw this video, thought it was incredibly creative; and wanted to share! Enjoy!

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