Whirlwind Weekends

Whew! I've been gone the past four weekends in a row; talk about EXHAUSTING! As tired as I was, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I enjoyed every second of it!

Mother's Day weekend I went to Kentucky to visit my family, and had a great time. I spent Friday night with my dad in Louisville, caught a quick breakfast with my grandmother, then saw Star trek with my dad before heading down to Elizabethtown for the remainder of my time in Ky. Went fishing, Mother's Day picnic...it was wonderful.

The following weekend I flew to Washington, D.C. to visit my dad and family. We didn't have an agenda (which was nice!), just attended all the kids softball practices, games, etc. We played so much catch that my arm hurt for a week! Weak, I know. :) We toured a civil war era plantation: The Chatham House. Being a history nerd, I loved every second of it. I took tons of photos, and deemed it my new favorite place to get married. Wait, I think I need to find a man first! We had a great time looking back into the civil wartime, and exploring all the grounds had to offer. I flew back late Sunday night..and was back at work early the next morning.

Former statue pedestal in the gardens over looking the river.

Memorial Day weekend Katie, Jenni and I drove down to Destin, FL. for a little R&R. We had a fabulous time, even amidst the rain. By Saturday evening it had dried up, and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were perfect Florida days. I've got the tan to prove it! We enjoyed going out to this cool Irish Pub called McGuire's; who hosted a fantastic band called A200. They played SO many great cover songs, and we danced the nights away. I will say, (and Kate and Jenn will laugh at me) that they DID NOT play Summer of 69'! What's up with that?! Any great Southern Rock band needs to know how to play that. Sheesh. I don't get it.

Katie, Jenni and I on the beach

I was planning on staying at home this past weekend, but my mom called and said that all of the family was getting together for a last minute camping trip on the lake. How could I turn THAT down? Lake? Camping? Together? HECK YES!! So, I was off again. We had a BLAST on the lake, camping, sharing stories 'round the fire...and even braved a SERIOUS thunderstorm our second night. I didn't sleep that much that night, camping on the lake made the thunder SO much louder. But, we survived. I had to work on Sunday, so I was up early to book it back to Nashville by 10am.

Enjoying the sunshine on the boat
Tiffany, Sam, Stephanie and I
Tiffany and Sam, to be married on July Fourth!

So, that's my weekends so far! I was supposed to go camping in the Smoky Mountains this coming weekend, but I had to postpone that one. Super tired from the past four! So, I'm looking forward to enjoying going to the Drive In Theater, relaxing by the pool, maybe some hiking in the beautiful TN hills, getting my car detailed (it's still has sea-grime and and sand from Florida!), and hopefully redeeming a massage certificate at a local spa.

I hope you are enjoying this fabulous weather as of late, and are experiencing everything life has to offer!


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