Last weekend I flew home to Kentucky to be with my youngest brother, Sam before he ships to Afghanistan. Sam and his wife Tiffany flew in late Friday, and I was so glad to spend as much time with them as possible! I flew in Thursday evening, and Dad and Steph met me at the airport and took me straight to Cracker Barrel! I had to get me some sweet tea and biscuits-and quick! Friday I was stuck at my sisters house, since I didn't have a car and she had to work. I got to sleep in (thank goodness!) and then we met my grandmother for a late lunch that afternoon.
For whatever reason, the three hour jet leg REALLY gets to me! I know it's lame, but hey-I'm lame! And I'll continue to use the "I have no car" excuse to sleep in. I'm ok with that. :)

Saturday morning began the insanity...we picked up my brother and his wife and went to visit my older brother, Scott. It was SO good to see him, he is doing so well. I'm very proud of him. I can't waitto see him the next time I'm in town! After getting back to Louisville, it was go time. We all split up to run various errands for the going away party that evening. We were able to pull it all off and it looked fantastic! I even got "camo" balloons!

Sunday we made the obligatory trip to the Shepherdsville Flea Market, know out here in Cali as the Swap Meet. We saw the usual, old men smoking, mullets, fried foods, wedding dress retailers, you know-the usual. :) Gotta love Kentucky! Sunday night we hung out at my dads and got take out. There's just something about that last night of a trip that you need to relax. Maybe it's just me, who knows. Monday morning came all too soon, and I was headed back to California. While I loved seeing my family, I was so ready to be back in the sunshine and warm weather!


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