Nothing to Say

I like to talk. A lot. Not a shy person. Would tell anyone something. Anytime. Even if they weren't listening and didn't care. I'd just keep on yakking.

But sometimes when I sit down to write a blog, I can't think of what to say. I know I recap my life a lot, but that's mainly for my family who reads this blog. Thinking back, I started this blog just because it was the new, hip thing to do. And here I am, wordless.

In this world of social media, we have a lack of guarding our lives. Back in the day, (I'm talking when you had shared phone lines) you worried of conversations being overheard. Nowadays, you cannot go anywhere without hearing the person next you telling whoever is on the other end of their phone what they did that day, where they were, etc etc. It's quite mind boggling if you stop to think about it.

We log onto Facebook and Twitter, and the question "What's on your mind?" looks us in the face. Of course I want to know that someone just had In N Out! Of course I want to know you just took a shower. And the winner, absolutely, hands down...OF COURSE I want to know you are tweeting/status updating during church.

Now, I'm not here to hate. It's all love, baby. I'm simply thinking with my fingers here, and wondering why we are ok with letting the world know our lives. Sometimes, and only sometimes, I toy with the idea of deleting Facebook. *GASP!* I know. Treason right there. But seriously! I talk with those I'm friends with in real life, and hardly talk to those I was friends with in the past. But yet I, along with many others, are guilty of trolling the pages of those I one knew, just to know what they are doing with their lives. Sometimes I'm jealous, sometimes I'm not, but bottom line-it's not personal anymore.

I'm old school. I love sending cards, letters, small gifts in the mail. And I love getting them too! I feel all them move loved, knowing someone took the time to sit down and write me a note. Or that someone thought of me when they saw this item, and knew I had to have it.

Anyways. This is me, having nothing to say. :)


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