Streams of Life

I've been thinking a lot lately about home. Not in a home-sick way, but remembering things I used to do, where I've come from, etc. It has made me miss the way things were. Isn't it funny how life ebbs and flows? Sometimes things overflow from the past, and sometimes they get stuck in a memory. Kind of like a fallen leaf in a stream. It flows with the current until something causes it to stop.

I miss the smell of the field in the fall, jumping out of the hay loft in our barn, the tacky feeling on your hands after cutting tobacco. Red wing boots and the smell of the horses. The liberation of an afternoon free after school. The dusty smells of the county fair, walking to church. Muddy Truck day at school, learning to drive in the field (and backing my dad's truck into the barn, oops!).

I miss Sonic Tuesdays, jeepin' with Jon, Leiper's Fork on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Going to the lake in the summer, creeping through the woods around Halloween. Lining up pumpkins on a back road and running them over. Sitting outside around a bonfire, talking about life and how crazy it is.

Now, my life is different.

I love bonfires on the beach, SoCal sunsets with my friends. Line dancin' with my girls and traveling all over this great state. Camping in the desert, climbing crazy rock formations. Taco Tuesday anywhere is the best, and having warm sunshine every single day. Seeing the ocean, and just being amazed that I live here. Experiencing new things in LA.

I never thought I'd be in this place, but it's just another current in the stream of my life. And I'm ok with that. :)


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