Happy Birthday Jon!

Well, I'm a day late in posting this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! Yesterday (April 8th) was my good friend (and basically brother) Jon's 26th birthday. Bethany (his fiance) got a group of us together to celebrate last night at Nacho's, a great Mexican place in town. We enjoyed laughing, listening to awesome music the DJ played, and played Trivia! We actually won...GO TEAM!
The funniest part of the night was when I was just chattin' away, and suddenly my back was wet and cold. A waiter accidentally spilled water all over me, my chair and the floor. I had the momentary shock while everyone was laughing, but then happily joined it. It was hilarious, and I mean, c'mon. It was bound to happen to me with my luck. The best part is that later in the evening I stood up and noticed that right behind my chair was a large, yellow CAUTION: WET sign. I mean, seriously? :)
After Nachos, just a few of us were left so we headed to Downtown Franklin for a little bit o' Red Pony. We sat on the back deck and enjoyed listening to Bethany and Jon tell hilarious stories about each other. Can I just say, I'm SO glad they are getting married??? I LOVE her!


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