Red, White and Blue

My coffee with its patriotic sleeve.
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."
- Franklin. D. Roosevelt

I woke up today excited. Excited that knowing history was being made in my country today; and I was determined to watch as much of the Inauguration Ceremony as possible. Being a history nerd, I LOVE this stuff. Watching all the diplomats, politicians, previous Presidents file through and being honored was so interesting to me. I was anxious as President Bush came through to take his seat, and even more nervous when President Obama was being announced as well. Seeing the small red box in First Lady Obama's hands cool. (I can't think of the right words here) Knowing that THAT Bible was President Lincoln's; and she would be partaking in a ceremony watched by the world. I agreed in prayer while Rick Warren prayed, I was embarrassed and nervous for President Obama when he stumbled over his words while being sworn into office (who wouldn't be nervous??), cried when Aretha Franklin sang, and felt honored to be a citizen of this country.
I'm totally one of "those" who tears up at every National Anthem, at the patriotic videos before the movies, whose heart swells when I see attention on a flag, and thinks back to those who have served so faithfully for my freedom. I think of my father, who has served for 20 years in the military. My cousin who served two tours in Afganistan and Iraq, and who made it home safely. I think of my young brother, and his desire to serve and protect his country with such a tenacity; that he's pursuing every option available to him.

It's a great day in America! A New Day. New President. New hopes, dreams and plans to see those fulfilled. How can I not be proud to be an American?


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