Where Do I Go From Here?

Wow, it was one busy Holiday Season!

I enjoyed every moment of it though...well...except for the 6 hour drive to Kentucky in a terrible storm! I met up with my family for an early Christmas in Gatlinburg, TN. We enjoyed the hot tub outside, a little east TN mountaintop skiing, SHOPPING, and of course tons and tons of laughter. My siblings CRACK ME UP!
We had the biggest surprise (well, we found out about a week beforehand), but my youngest brother Sam proposed to his girlfriend, Tiffany. Who would have thought that the youngest sibling would get married first? Christmas Eve we all headed in our different directions; me on my way to my dad's in Louisville, my other siblings to their significant other's, and my oldest brother in Virginia. My dad and I enjoyed some long over-due Daddy-Daughter time; which we thoroughly enjoyed! Christmas was low-key, brunch, gifts, Grandma's, etc. I loved it.
I headed back home to TN on Saturday night, just enough time to rest up and get packed for my New Years trip to Chicago with Trish! We had a great time, FROZE myself to death (what can I say, I'm from the south!), shopped, laughed, coffee'd it up and had a blast. We rang in the New Year on the shore of Lake Michigan with hundreds others, huddled together against the cold. Fireworks shot out over the Lake, it was beautiful. After we got back to our hotel, we changed and went down the the hotel's Bistro/Bar. It was so cool, all decked out and had a live jazz band. We enjoyed a late New Years drink then finally turned in around 2am.

As soon as I got back, I launched right in to 2009! It's crazy to think it's 2009! I have such an anticipation for this year (as do many of my friends), and an expection for it to be WAY different than last year. I'm going to try new things, conquer old habits, and LIVE MY LIFE. I'm planning a early spring/summer cruise with some friends, and hopefully a trip to Europe in the fall. I'm excited to meet new people, and do new things. I can't wait! I wish I could describe my excitement further.....

Sam and his Finacee Tiffany
The crew


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