Frozen Fruit & Yogurt Pops

This morning I decided to venture out and create a healthy alternative to the ever-so-delightful- sugary frozen treats. It was incredibly simple, actually!

I used two containers of low fat, organic blueberry yogurt, and mixed it in a bowl. Then I gently blended the organic mixed berries (Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) with a hand blender. I didn't want to puree them; I wanted to have some texture in the yogurt once frozen. I mixed the two together , and WOW! what great color the fruit brought. Very rich...I wanted to eat it right then!

I used 2oz Dixie cups for the freezing, and I was out of popsicle I used toddler spoons for the handles. Just popped those in the center of the cups, and in to the freezer they went!

*I apologize for the low quality of the photos, as I only use a basic point and shoot digital camera. *

I am really getting into buying local, so I think next time I make these, I'll buy fresh fruit from the local farmers market, freeze it, then use that for the frozen fruit. Right now I've got fresh strawberries, blueberries, grapes, bananas and pineapples on hand...I wonder what tomorrow's concoction will be!


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