I'm at home sick tonight, which is a bummer; since it's Friday night! I'm actually enjoying a night off-I have a fire in the fireplace (mmmm...), brownies in the oven and I'm watching No Reservations. So far, so cute! I'm loving it. I'm hoping that my aches and pains won't turn into the dreaded flu that's been going around. If you've experienced the flu lately, I'm so sorry! I'm hoping to be feeling better by the morning.

Trish hooked me up with an AWESOME deal on pillows (I know, right?) today! She found a buy one get one free deal at Linen's and Things, and then had another 20% off that. So, want to know how much I saved? $63!! I only paid $17 for EIGHT pillows. Quite the deal, eh? I do say so myself. My bed looks so nice and plush with four pillows on it!

I hope your Valentine's Day was fabulous! I had a hot date with a blond haired, blue eyed sweetie! I'm talking of James, of course. (James is the one year old I nanny for) He had a Valentine's gift for me when I arrived, so sweet! "He" (aka, Danielle his mom) got me great comfy pj's, a framed photo of himself in a frame that matches my room, a heart shaped red suede pillow and a sweet card. He sure knows the way to a girls heart! :) After he went to bed, my friend Katie came over and we ordered Chinese and watches LOST--my addiction that I am not afraid to admit! That show is amazing.....

I hope you have a great weekend!


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