I've Been Busy...

I know, it's been a while since I've posted last. Things are staying busy here in Nashville! Since I've last posted I have had a new rooomate move in, and Sara is moving out this weekend. It's bittersweet; I'm sad to see her go, but she's getting married, so that's exciting! We also had the This Is Love banquet for Global Support Mission (I'll post pictures soon!) last night-which was so fun and exciting.

Global Support Mission (GSM) was founded by two young men who attend my church, Travis and David. I've been volunteering for their organization and LOVING it! We worked hard to put this banquet together, and it was so satisfying to see it go off without a hitch. Well, Nashville was under a tornado watch last night and we had to relocated to a safer room in the venue (which was Rocketown!). Other than that, the banquet was a success. There was a 20 piece Big Band, 'The Moonlighters'. We enjoyed dancing the night away, that's for sure! Faith Kunhira is the founder and operator of Bringing Hope to the Family, the orphanage and vocational school in Kihura, Uganda. Faith was the keynote speaker of the evening; and she shared her heart and vision for the village. Bringing Hope is the main orphanage that GSM is connected with-as of now. It was great to have her speak, I loved her accent! She was dressed in full African garb, complete with pink paisley. So cute. As I said before, I'll post photos of the event as soon as I can.

I'm still very much enjoying nannying for James, he's just the sweetest little boy ever! I'm enjoying him learn and discover new abilities and functions of his little body. His most recent accomplishment: spinning in circles! (I know, so cute!). He's also begun dancing a little-his favorite song you ask? Whitney Houstons' 'I Want to Dance with Somebody'. We break it DOWN in the kitchen. He also likes Los Lonely Boys 'Heaven'. He's been sick this past week unfortunatley, but I think he's feeling better now. Bless his heart! His first fever...it was rough.

Woodbine is going great, we have experienced growth and it's just really exciting right now! We've started hanging out with the other young adults and realized that we have more people under 30 than we thought! A few weeks ago we enjoyed hanging out at Jon's playing Guitar Hero. The guys thought it would be a great idea to create a complete bracketed tournament, and the games begun. I'm proud to say that I am the ranking #2 Guitar Hero player! I battled my way through easy and hard songs, defeated Brady, and lost to Travis, who had played only once before. I demanded a rematch, but didn't get it. :)

That's it for now! As always, I'm on the move! I'm excited about this weekend-I'm moving into Sara's old room. It's always exciting to get to re-do a room!

I hope your February has gone as well as mine has.....Happy Valentine's Day!


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