Good Morning!

This week seems to have flown by! I can hardly believe it's already Thursday. I think it's due to the crazy weather that seems to have everyone in a hurry for the week to be over. Sunday was so nice, very warm even. As the week progressed, the colder it got. Yesterday (Wednesday) I woke to the ground being covered in white! Finally, snow! (We get REALLY excited when it snows in TN) It continued to snow off and on all day. I enjoyed listening to the hustle and bustle of the radio announcers; giving the city a play by play of the traffic. You would think that a snowstorm had just dropped 2 feet of snow! :) All of the schools in the area were closed, actually 3/4 of the state was closing the schools. My friend Trish phoned to tell me that she had a 2 hour delay at work; then they closed the office at 2pm! How great is that? Trish loved it too. I enjoyed the day watching James discover the snow outside. He would stand at the window and ooh and aah as they hit the window. At one point he was holding on to the windowsill, and tried to hike his leg up, as if he was going to climb onto the windowsill for a better view! So funny.

The flu seems to keep going around, it's even struck the home I nanny out of. I'm praying it doesn't hit me! I don't want it! :) I've been making sure my body gets enough water and sleep so my immune system doesn't drop. Tuesday night Trish, Katie and I went to Jackson's (great little grille on 21st Ave.) for dinner. It was nice to do something mid-week; I normally don't allow myself that luxury. But, that night was different. Katie and Trish wanted me to come along to "spy" on a yound adults group that was meeting, to get a feel for the group. Our plan backfired greatly. We were ushered to a table at the opposite end of the place! We got a good laugh out of it. The night couldn't be complete without a trip to Fido, a great local coffeehouse just down the block from Jackson's. As usual, the three of us ended up laughing so hard our cheeks hurt. I'm sure many people thought we were on something.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, I'm headed to Atlanta for my cousins' wife's' baby shower. Somehow this weekend ended up working for almost the entire family to get together.
I am excited to:
1) See my cousins Nick (wife is having the shower) and Andrew(my age, practically my brother).
2) See Lara, Nicks' wife.
3) Catch up with my Mama on the trip there and back
4)Hang with my aunts whom I never get to see
5) Go out Saturday night with my cousins :)

Ok, well, IKEA in my heart is more towards the top of my list, but hey. I'm trying to be nice. :) My sister was supposed to join us, but isn't able to now. Bummer! I was looking forward to some seeester time. Ah well. The boy cousins will suffice I guess.... :)

Have a great weekend!


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