Wow, it has been a full week! Full of life, work, friends, etc. Jon and Bethany's wedding was last weekend, along with Mother's Day; which I made a day trip to KY to see my mama! I had a great time with the family, catching up with my brother who was in Virginia for a few months, and planning our first ever "Siblings Vacation"! We are planning on going to Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky this summer and renting a cabin for a long weekend. I can't wait! 

Speaking of planning, Trish and I are headed to Atlanta this coming weekend to see the Atlanta Braves take on the Diamonbacks. Should be a great game! Both of us have had the itch to do something fun that weekend, but with flights so expensive, we couldn't find something worth doing. We opted for a baseball game + fireworks, IKEA and a IMAX showing of the Grand Canyon River at Risk, featuring music by Dave Matthews Band. I'm also hoping to get lunch with my lovely aunt and cousins, who just became parents!!

I had a wonderful weekend this weekend, starting with doing an overnight babysitting trip with the Lamb kids....which is always an adventure. In the 24 hours that I was with them, Wilson (who is two and completely crazy and adorable) managed to put a bead up his nose (which almost sent us to the hospital!), fall in to some serious thorn bushes, and then later bust his lip (blood was everywhere) playing Frisbee with his older brother, Jake. It was quite the adventure, for sure butI loved every second. After leaving the Lamb's ,  I headed straight for my date with CrossFit.  We had to do as many rounds in 30 minutes of:
10 45lb Thrusters
10 Walking Lunges
10 17.5lb Kettlebell Swings
4 Tractor Tire Flips
10 Box Jumps

I was able to complete 7 rounds of each in 30 minutes, beating everyone in the class. I am quite proud. :) After that torture, Katie and I headed down to Thompson's Station Park to watch the ultimate Frisbee tournament going on to raise money for Camp Courtney. It was a beautiful day, perfect for being outdoors! Church was amazing this morning, God is really moving within our congregation and city. I'm so glad to be here, right now! This afternoon I caught a matinee of Made of Honor (with Patrick Dempsey) with my girls, then had a wonderful dinner with two of my dear friends, Kyle and Scotty. It seems like I haven't caught up with them in forever, so we had a wondering time catching up. Those guys make me laugh!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well! 


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