Grand Gestures

I'm sorry it's been a few weeks since I've last posted, but I've been pretty busy (as usual). Last weekend Trish and I took a trip to Atlanta to see the Braves play the Arizona Diamondbacks (The Braves lost); which was really fun. We stayed at a great hotel, ate at some great places, and even managed to run in to some really great friends from here in Franklin! We enjoyed IKEA and the Science museum IMAX, and of course, riding the MARTA (public transportation)!!

My work schedule has stayed pretty busy between nannying and the church. I sure am looking forward to some summer breaks! In just a few weeks I am heading to the Washington, D.C. area for my younger brother's high school graduation. They grow up so fast now a days! I'm also looking forward to camping with Katie, a white water rafting trip, lake-housing it with my family, and trips home to KY to see family and friends. I'm also hoping to make it back to ATL soon to visit the cousins down south.

I've been thinking lately about grand gestures. Everyone dreams of someone who will make the grand gesture of how much they mean to them, care about them, etc. You see it played out in movies; lavish affairs with flowers, etc. But what is a grand gesture to you? I recently had a "grand gesture" experience. It was on my birthday, and my mom wanted so badly to have me home for my birthday. Instead, she knew how much it would mean to me to come down to TN for my special day; that she brought my dad and step-dad with her. That gesture spoke VOLUMES to me, but to someone else it may have seemed small.

That day made me think about those things in my life. How can I show those in my life just how much I care? What gesture of appreciation that I know THEY will love receiving more than me giving it? Is it hours spent playing their favorite video game? Is it going somewhere you never would, but knowing they love it, and doing it anyway? In the end, it's all about serving that person, be it your spouse, significant other, or best friend; and putting their preferences before yours. How many times I have fought for what I wanted? How often have I thought only of myself, and not of those around me?

Everyone wants a grand gesture. Everyone wants to know they are worth more than the mundane things in life. It's up to us to show them they are.


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