A few things that make me smile during the Holidays....

Getting a Christmas card in the mail (it's like being able to open a present early!)
The smell of a fresh Christmas Tree
Starbucks Holiday cups
Fires in the fireplace
Shopping for others
Endless Christmas music
Endless Christmas movies
Finding the perfect gift, and the anticipation knowing that you have it until the moment they open it!
Seeing Christmas lights and trees while driving down the road
Hearing someone say Merry Christmas, because they say it way more than someone saying hello on a regular day.
Discovering out how other cultures celebrate Christmas
Wearing scarves, hats and gloves
Building a gingerbread house, and then eating it piece by piece :)
Seeing the presents pile up under the Christmas tree
The smell of "holiday" in the air. Everything is just magical :)
Road Trip CD mixes for the ride home to see family
Listening the the roar of laughter crammed in one room at my Grandmas

I know there more things, but I hope that reading this list brings a smile and memory to your mind.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!


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