Not so many words...

I haven't had many words lately. Not sure why; if you sit me down face to face, I could talk all night! I've been needing to update this blog, and email dear friends out of town for weeks; and I just can't seem to sit and type out the words lately. Strange.
Well, I can't believe this weekend is already coming to a close! Friday night I babysat for the family I nanny for; which is always a pleasure. James (the toddler) is such a sweetie and an all around good little boy. Saturday I had an allergy medicine induced sleep-in! I wasn't feeling well before I went to bed, so I took my allergy meds...and slept until 11am! Woops! Not gonna lie, it felt pretty good. I met up with Julie for a quick hike around the Natchez Trace, SO beautiful this time of year! Great conversation, as always :). Ran home to meet Mark, who was putting together my shiny new TV cabinet (he did a fab job, and it looks great!); and get ready for the DRIVE IN!!! WOO HOO! This was my third time this year getting to go to the drive in movie with friends, and I'm hoping to be able to go at least one more time (although I may be staying IN the car this time...). A ton of people showed up, we loaded the cars with blankets, food, coffee and hot cocoa and were off. We piled on the ground and saw Madagascar 2 (hilarious, by the way) and Eagle Eye. Had a wonderful time with old friends, getting to know others, and meeting new people all at the same time!

The past few weeks have been eventful, the family I nanny for had their much anticipated little girl! Emerson Elizabeth Mulvey was brought into this world at 12:46am on October 23. She weigh 8.5oz and was 19.5in long. Such a sweet little girl! I've enjoyed watching her grow and changed in the few weeks she has been with us. For Halloween (which is also James' birthday), James was Peter Pan, and Emerson was TinkerBell! HOW CUTE!! They stole the show, that's for sure.
Let's see....I took a trip to KY to send off my younger brother to the Marines, and celebrate his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years since he will be in Basic Training. We celebrated how we always do: a shooting contest. I love my family, can I just say that? All the boys got out their guns and ammo, and we headed out to the field to shoot. Went bowling, to the movies, etc. Had a great time all around .

Over the past month since I've last posted, I've enjoyed a few trips to Arrington Vineyard; seriously one of my new favorite places! We've gone to the Drive In Movies, regular movies, birthday parties, night on the Fort at Trish's....the list goes on. I do need to give full attention to probably one of the BEST things that happened to me this fall. Over the past two NFL seasons, I have become an avid Titans fan. Must be something about them being in the city that I love and live in! Of all the games this season, I wanted so badly to go to the Monday Night Colts/Titans game. I went two seasons ago when we stomped the Colts, and wanted to see it happen again. But, it wasn't looking likely at all. So, I settled for attending a party at Jon and Bethany's (which was looking to be supa fun!). Then, Saturday night, the miracle happened. Some friends of mine have season tickets and a box suite...AND THEY CALLED ME! They invited me to go to the game, which I very quickly said yes! I was so excited. Seriously, of ALL the games this season, THIS was THE ONE I wanted to attend. So, Monday night came, and we all layered and bundled up (it was freezing) and headed to the stadium. Not before of course having a pre-tailgate tailgate at the Williams! Kelly had quite the spread, and Jeff whipped up some fabulous pomegranate martinis. Soon enough we were off to the game, and the tailgate party. Unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic so long that we missed the tailgate. Lucky us we had the pre party already! When we walked in the stadium, it hit me just how good our seats were. 40 yd line, home side...close to the field, I was in football heaven! The game was great, close, and exciting. In the 3 quarter, Todd leans over to us and says: "Let's go up". I didn't know what he was talking about, until we were headed up to the Box. Yup, the box. We all agreed that free food, drinks and HEAT were great, but the outdoor seats were way more fun. There's just something about the yelling, screaming, cursing, beer smelling guys in the stands that make a football game great. So, I'm ever so thankful for the William's inviting me to go along, making my NFL dream come true; for this season :) .

Well, I've used way over my quota of typed words for the day, I hope you all have and will enjoy the fall weather while it lasts! Be sure to stop by Starbucks and try their Signature Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate-it's fabulous!


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