History was made last night. Democratic or Republican, Black or White, NoBama or McPalin....it's all over. Barack Obama is now our 44th President-Elect of the United States. I personally did not note for Obama; and do not agree with his opinions and standings. However, he is now in line to be our next President and I will support my country's leader. In my opinion, God knew this was going to happen, and I place my trust far more in Him than a leader. We elected a President, not a Saviour, as my pastor so frequently states.
In another perspective, it was so cool to see other ethnicities grab hold of this election; where in the past they may have felt they didn't have a voice, or it would not be heard. Seeing seas of African American people shouting for their country, USA; brought tears to my eyes and shivers down my spine. How cool to see our country truly uniting to elect a President (again, standings and opinions aside). I know for my short adult life, I haven't seen that happen to this extent.

It's time to unite, support and love one another. We all love this country so much; it's time to show it.


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