Today I received news that my youngest brother Sam, would be joining our troops in fighting the war in Afghanistan. He deploys in March with the 10th Mountain Division of Fort Drum, NY.
I'm finding it hard to put words to how I feel. One moment I'm scared, sick to my stomach, anxious, and worrying about his future; the other I'm proud, and stand a little taller knowing someone who is fighting for my freedom. For the most part, I'm sad that my younger brother will experience far more life that I ever thought he would at 19.

So tomorrow, I'll be purchasing a large amount of yellow ribbon, a new yellow ribbon magnet for my car, and a new American Flag. It won't come down until he comes home.

Here's to our troops, veterans and enlisted, who serve bravely, with honor, duty, strength and courage. Now I know how it feels to send a loved one to war.


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