Night On the Town!

Bryan, Julie, Luis, Myself, Manny, Marcos and Malachi

Yesterday my dear sweet friend Julie arrived in Orange County! She's here on business, but I get to keep her for a few days at least! Last night I picked her up, and we headed straight for LA to meet up with Manny. We all used to be interns and on staff at the same church in Nashville over the past six years or so. We made it to LA in RECORD time for Friday evening traffic! It only took me about an hour or so from the O.C. to Hollywood, where Manny lives.

We decided on a restaurant (or so we thought...) and set off on the adventure of the night. We drove around in circles for about and hour, with two guys in the backseat driving me CRAZY with their lack of knowing where they were! Julie and just laughed and laughed, but I'll admit; I was getting a little frustrated! After changing our cuisine many times, (Mediterranean, Italian, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Israeli..) we finally met up with the others and decided on a little Thai boutique place in Silverlake. It had a great vibe, the food was the best Thai I've EVER had, and we had an absolute blast. Laughed and to know one another, it was so fun.

The not so fun part of the evening was losing my wallet! For anyone who knows me, knows that I don't lose things. I'm a very particular person, and normally keep account of my belongings. We searched and searched, to no avail. I was confused, because there had been no fraudulent happenings on my accounts, but no wallet to be found. After returning to the gas station this morning, and calling every place I can remember; I was giving up. Then, this morning I was at the farmers market and I received a phone call from my bank. My heart sunk. I thought for sure she was calling to report fraudulence on my account! Oddly enough, she was calling to say that whoever found my wallet, called the bank!! She three-way connected me to Fred, a dear sweet soul who picked up my wallet last night. I was SO very thankful that an honest person picked it up, and not some thief! Thank GOD! He was definitely looking out for me, that's for sure.

So, an eventful last twelve hours, but the sun is shining, my sweet friend is in town, I see snow covered mountains, and my wallet was recovered. What else could I ask for?

Oh yeah. A date. ;)


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