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I usually don't post about my personal spiritual life. Not for a lack of wanting...I just, don't.

Tonight was our weekly small group at church, and we had a great time of discussion. It was a little uncomfortable, but very revealing and left us in a place to build one another up. Afterwards, I was talking with our small group leader, Bryan. Somehow we got to talking about my past, the things that I've walked through this year. I was crying, sharing my heart; and he says "Can I stop you right there? Do you pray for them?" I lost it again. The feelings of injustice, deep heartbreak, and misuse of trust were suddenly right in my face, staring me down. I've been so hurt, so wrapped in my own pain that I've failed to do my right as a believer. To forgive. To give it wholly to Christ.

So tonight on my way home, I shut off the radio, rolled up the window, and took back my place in the Kingdom. Where I've been robbed, where I've abdicated my role, I've now done my part and reclaimed it. He has given me a new song, and I will not be silent!


Proud of you!!!
Will let you know when we get there too!! We love and miss you...


7:15 AM  

Very good Stace!!! It is definitely a process in which the Lord leads us by the hand to wholeness :)

11:07 AM  

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