Just Call Me Tree-Girl

I went running in a new park this week, and as I started my run-I didn't turn on my music. I don't know why, but I was enjoying the silence. Listening to the wind through the trees, my feet crunching the twigs and leaves, (not to mention hearing my out-of-breathness), and the ducks quacking in the lake. I took those moments and just thanked God for such an amazing creation; Nature. When I'm amidst the trees, the grass, the LIFE-I feel whole. I feel like I was made for moments like these.

I know, just call me tree-girl.

It's moments like these that make me miss the space of Tennessee. It makes me miss the vastness of my family's farm; where you could drive up the way and look out, and all you saw was Hilton land. Something so powerful and old-fashioned about that feeling. Your heart swells, and you just feel....home.

As I drive down the streets of Southern California, I feel trapped. I feel frustrated. My left calf muscle hurts from clutching all the time. But when I make it through the traffic, the smog, the cut-offs and road ragers and reach the beach with the mountains in the distance, I feel that so-good feeling again. I hear the waves crashing, feel the squish of sand between my toes, and I know I am where I'm supposed to be for now. Nothing can replace the smell of a green spring in Kentucky, or the cinnamon-y spice of Tennessee in the fall; but I'm loving California, all year long.

And I feel home.


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