Sonic Tuesdays

I'm adventurous. I miss my adventurous friends (ahem, JULIE!) from Nashville, who would drop everything just to do something random and crazy. We used to have what we called "Sonic Tuesdays" when we all worked at the church. Every few weeks, we would silently give one another "the look" which meant "meet outside at Jon's jeep in 5 minutes! Tell no one!" Julie, Christy, Jon and I would totally bail on work, jump in his Jeep, and go for a random crazy adventure that always ended at Sonic. You see, Sonic has these amazingly refreshing blend of beverages that cannot be topped. AND, between 3-5pm, they are half price. Not bad for penny pinchers as ourselves! So there we were, every few Tuesdays, drinks in hand, windows down, music playing, bopping along as Jon took us on a quick off-road adventure. I miss those days. OH, how we all have changed! Jon is married, Christy is married and just had her first baby, Julie lives in Denver, and I'm in California. Who woulda thunk?

There are so many new and interesting things in California that I can't wait to do! I've begun compiling a list in my head...and I need to write them down. Since I'm not one for keeping handwritten notes too long...(I may or may not lose them. I plead the 5th).

Kayaking on Catalina Island
San Francisco
San Diego Chargers game
Hike a mountain
4Wheel in the desert
Shoot a gun in the desert
Sail on a sailboat
See a show in Hollywood
Santa Monica
Run the Camp Pendleton Mud Run
Lakers Game
Anaheim Ducks game (preferably when the Nashville Preds are here...)
Wine Country
Horseback Riding
Drive to Mexico
a date on the beach :)

That's what is in my head for now...I'm sure there are more to come! Please leave your suggestion as well!!


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