Weekend Recap

Tonight, as I sit listening to the (somewhat) amazing talents of American Idol, I'm reminded of how life can take you a million different ways. I know I've talked a lot about how moving to California, and how transformational that was for me; but I'm going to say it again...You.Just.Never.Know.

Case in point?

My favorite beach, Huntington.

I had the pleasure of having a four day weekend this week, and I took full advantage of it! This photo was taken yesterday (Monday). I was able to go run down on the boardwalk, and was it so rewarding! I got a nice little tan, ocean on my right, snow capped mountains to my left. Could it be any better?

I also had Friday off, so I went to the park and played umpteen games of volleyball with some friends. I haven't played that much, so they were so very sweet to teach me the rules, technique, etc. We played for hours and hours! Thankfully, Nicole had planned a great dinner at her place. We played old school Nintendo 64 (Mortal Kombat, to be exact), ate yummy food, and had a great time. I took off a little early, just to relish in the fact that there was no one in my home!

Saturday morning we had a great breakfast at church for the 20-somethings. A couple that used to go to Southlands (my church) shared their hearts and story of the their life. I was so inspired by what they had to say! I can't wait to see what the Lord has for them in the future.

Heather, Manny and Melissa

Saturday afternoon I ran around like crazy getting things prepared for the dinner party I was having that evening. Thankfully, Melissa came over early and helped me out on the final details. I'm such a people-person, and if cooking and baking was a love language, I've got it. I absolutely love hosting people, serving people, and making sure they have a good time. So, Saturday was my first chance to have my friends over to my house! We enjoyed steak with a whiskey cream sauce, artichokes, asparagus, sweet potato fries....YUM.

Heather, Manny, Myself and Melissa

We played an endless amount of the game murder, over and over and over again! I love these people so much, and I'm so glad they are in my life!

Matt, Phill, Jarrod, Brent and Heather

So, that's the basic rundown of my crazy weekend! I had a blast, lost a LOT of sleep, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. :)


Sounds suuuper fun! I wish I had a 4 day weekend! :)

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