Birthday Goodness

Ok, I'll admit. This birthday, this YEAR, this number, kept haunting me. Now, I'm a lover of birthdays. It's that one day a year that everything is all about YOU! I love to celebrate others and make them feel like a king or queen for a day. And, you know, it's nice to feel pampered on my birthday too. However, this year I wasn't looking forward to turning another year older. I know I'm only 26, but for some reason I had some serious struggles. Serious as in, while walking down the street I pause, consider, cringe, and keep walking. THOSE kind of serious issues. :) But, as I suspected, my fears were eased as the week went on.

It all started on Monday evening, when my dear precious life group friends surprised me with not one but TWO cakes! They were delicious and I felt so loved and honored. Tuesday morning (my actual birthday) I woke up to James singing 'Happy Birfday' at the top of his lungs while dragging my gift bag behind him. Danielle had made a Happy Birthday banner for the kitchen; and I don't know who was more excited about that, James or me!

I was so incredibly shocked by their gift...I'll let the picture do the talking.

Yeah. Not gonna lie, I cried!! I am so excited! I can't wait to go!!

My mom sent me an AWESOME gift this year too. As I've posted before, I'm really getting into cake decorating. She sent me a clear tub with all kinds of little tubs to keep my tools organized. Being a neat freak, I absolutely loved getting everything organized and put together.

Tuesday evening a small group of friends went with me to my first ever swing dancing lesson! It was an absolute blast, and I went from nervously wringing my hands to being twirled around in circles by the end. We capped off the night with yummy tacos from Fresca's, and yogurt from Golden Spoon. I had a fantastic night! All throughout the week I was overwhelmed by the sweetness of my family and friends. I recieved so many heartwarming cards and gifts; I am truly touched.

I've mentioned her before, but my closest friend Katie also shares the same birthday. While it was the first year we didn't celebrate together, it was so fun to swap gifts through the mail. I sent her a hilarious box of random goodies, filled with an entire bag of confetti. She sent me (along with our dear friend Jenni) a wonderful bouquet of fruit from Edible Arrangements and an awesome thing called the FitDeck. I'm so excited to try out the FitDeck for my workouts at the park! What a great way to shake up your workout routine!


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