I went a little concert crazy this year....I'm blaming it on living in a place where big name artists come more than once a year! Living in Nashville was fantastic for indie artists; but big name concerts happened maybe once a year. I've gathered quite the list, and I am so excited!

I kicked off my Summer Concert Series in June with Tim McGraw, Lady Antelbellum and Love & Theft. It was an outdoor venue in Rancho Cucamonga, and I went with my dear friend Dani. My dad and sister gave me the tickets for my birthday. I loved Love & Theft, love love loved Lady A, and absolutely melted during Tim McGraw. What a fantastic concert to start the summer, and what a better friend than Dani to go with!

Next up is Dave Matthews Band with Brett Dennen in August. Katie is flying out for this show, and I am so excited to make this our third summer seeing DMB together! It'll be at the Irvine Ampitheater, and we have really great seats. Should be a fantastic show, as usual! Dave never lets me down!

Just a few days later is the ever popular (and sometimes not) John Mayer with Owl City. I was so surprised by my employers with tickets to this concert for my birthday. I've never seen either artists in concert; so I am so very excited to see them! Owl City had a show a few months back at a smaller venue, and I so badly wanted to go, but was unable to find a wingman (or woman) to join me. Luckily I'll get to see their show on an even grander stage and a great venue! BONUS?! Katie will still be in town! Woohoo! Two great concerts, in California, with my bestest friend ever........happy girl right here.

Wrapping up the summer is Jack Johnson. You have no idea how long I've waited to see him in concert! I am so excited, I just can't hide it! For the past few years I've wanted to see him, but he has never played inland close enough to where I've lived (Nashville, TN). Lucky for me I moved to a coastal town! Ironically, he chose this year to play inland, and my friends back home will be able to see him in Indiana and Georgia.

There may or may not be another concert in there somewhere.....I'd love to see a little Maroon 5/OneRepublic action....


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