We are Nashville

I was living in a dream
I was living for the scene
I was floating high above
cause I have been through mire and confusion
I am free

as far as I can see
is Nashville skyline
underneath it all
you yourself are free
floating high above
the Nashville skyline

Oprymills Mall

First, I must post a link to a blog so well written about Nashville. Please read it here.

We are Nashville.

My heart has been broken over the past few days. My hometown, my beloved Nashville, has seen widespread devastation. There are no words I can say that describe how I have felt. I've cried over seeing photos and videos, and I've never been so proud of my city than I am of Nashville.

While the national media has been slow to report, the precious little we have heard is all positive things. Over 11,000 have signed up to volunteer at Hands on Nashville. Our states motto isn't "The Volunteer State" for nothing! You haven't heard or seen of any looting, vandalism or out of sorts. The greatest warning Tennessee has received is "stay out of the water". Not bad for a thriving metropolis!

Many many friends of mine have experienced major damage to their houses. One friend has lost her entire house to the flood. Just the day after, they began ripping out the contents and starting over. I wish I was there so badly, to help, to serve, to give in any way I can. I've taken to Twitter to do my part in spreading awareness of the situation. I've posted, reTweeted, Facebooked and googled as much as I can. I absolutely hate that I am not there.

In two weeks, a dear friend of mine will be getting married in Arrington, a small town south of Nashville. I'm flying back, and I'm looking bittersweetly to seeing my flood-ravaged town. I might just wear my mud boots. :)


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