Atlanta and IKEA

This weekend I headed down to the Atlanta area for a whirlwind trip to see family! I had a great time. Mom drove to my place late Friday night, and we hit the road Saturday morning. We made it just in time for Lara's (my cousin's wife) baby shower. We were using mom's GPS system...and yea. They don't work so well! We entered the destination, and it was taking us everywhere except where we needed to go! We made it and had a great time. I was so excited to see my cousins at the end of the shower!

We headed to Nick's house for some chill time, then took Andrew home (he got sick). Nick let me drive his BMW! I was so scared of wrecking it....he kept saying "just punch it, just punch it!" It was great. Sunday morning we all reconvened at the cutest little cafe in downtown Kennesaw (where Nick lives). It's called the Whistlestop Cafe and it sits right on the railroad tracks. They make home made "cathead" biscuits, (It's a southern thing, ask your closest true southerner) the best pancakes and a million other southern niceties.

After brunch, Mom and I headed to Atlanta...and IKEA! I love the new development, Atlantic Station. It's similar to what we are getting here in Franklin, McEwen. It's very urban, with lots of retail and new housing. After a quick run through IKEA (I had to return some things and pick up some things) we headed home. It was a quick trip but so fun!

When I got home I crashed and got ready for the week. When I got home on Monday night, I got a call from an old friend whom I haven't talked to in seven years! It was a delight to hear from him, and I hope to continue our friendship. I love it when someone pops back into your life!


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