The Week of the Car

I was thinking about my old Honda today, and remembered that Trish had created a loving poem about my car (and it's issues) a few years back. Luckily, I have it saved and am able to share it with you. It's pretty incredible!

The Week of the Car: Ode to Stacey
By Trish Dubes
There once was a girl
who had trouble with cars
they didn't seem to like her
Or let her travel very far

She had a white honda
full of all her cds
but when she was in goreville
someone broke in without keys
 They took her stereo
and all of her music too
Stacey wanted to cry
because it made her feel so blue
Then someone came to bless her
gave her money for the repairs
said "fix whatever is broken,"
and Stacey threw her hands in the air
She took it to a shop,
where she trusted it was fine
but just a few days later
the car stalled in a traffic line
 People were not kind
they yelled and honked their horns
for a very brief moment
Stacey wished her car had never been born
 After lots of drama
a friend came to help her out
she got back to the church
and took some guys back to the route
They took a look at her car
and tried to get it started
But when it wouldn't budge
they labeled it retarded
 One of these young men
had a thought that came along
"why don't we push the car
All the way back to NewSong?"
 So at 4:30 in the afternoon
Five guys and a girl
rolled the car to the church
all the way up the hill
 Stacey was so blessed
but still a little bummed
she didn't have a car now
how would she make it home?
 Once again, God was good
and sent Jon along her way
said "Stacey you can use my car
until the end of the third day."
 The third day came
a Sunday it was
Stacey got in Jon's car
but it didn't even buzz
 The first thought came
"This has to be a joke"
the battery was dead
Another car Stacey broke :)
 Why was the battery dead?
Many of you might say
Someone left the lights on
through the evening and the day
 So this is my poem for Stacey
a rhyme for her week of cars
A week that doesn't seem so funny
but later she'll laugh real hard
 I have just one more thing
my tiny piece of advice:
Just sell the little white honda
and use the money toward a bike. :)


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