Six Weird Things....

My fellow Blogger friend Trish recently posted "Six weird things about yourself"; and I thought it was interesting and enlightening. I was tagged to continue, so here goes!

1. I have mild Obsessive Compulsive Behavior tendencies. I cannot stand it when walking a sidewalk not to have an even number of steps before the next segment of pavement. When working out, either push ups in the gym or sit ups on the stability ball; I have to be going parallel to the lines on the gym floor/stability ball. My friend and trainer Katie can vouch for me. I count all the time. I count my claps at church or concerts, I count steps (21 at my church, 11 at home) wherever I go.

2. I can't handle bridges. It started as a child, but has carried over into adulthood. Lucky for me, there are no bridges in my city! I really freak out. I think of how they move while I'm driving on them, how they could collapse with me on it, etc. I was taking a road trip with Katie this past year to VA Beach and we had to drive over a series of bridges. I was freaking out and she was reassuring me; only to have a series of tunnels (Katie hates tunnels) to go through as well. It was quite the sight!

3. I have to rearrange my room constantly. When I finally land on a set up I like, I can usually take it for about a month before launching in to my next phase of "what works best" for my room. Just last week I rearranged my closets (yes, I have two in my room) and chest of drawers. I do have to say, I did increase my space capability for my growing show collection.

4. Dirty dishes bother me. I can't not wash the dishes. Even if they aren't mine (I'm sure my roomie loves that I have this problem!), I clean them up. Of course, there is the occasional mess from a party the night before, but 99% of the time, my kitchen is spotless.

5. I say "might could" and "breakfrist" alot. This has to do with my upbringing in the South; however I find it funny that I can't kick this habit. In MY head, it makes perfect grammatical sense. But when I'm with a group of people, (one of them being a English teacher), I suddenly realize I sound like the hick from the sticks.

6. I've been shot in the head, twice. I know, I know. I'll let you recover from the shock. When I was about 10, (mind you, we grew up in the country) I took my younger brother Sam (who was about 3) out to shoot my pellet gun. I was showing him the ways of the rifle when he says to me "I'm gonna shoot you!" I laughed, because, after all, he's just a kid! He continues to laugh and point the gun, so I take off running down the hill. As I'm running I feel it hit the back of my head ( a 3 year old with good aim!) the rest is history. I would love to say that was our last time with a gun, but indeed it is not. Fast forward 6 years. I'm 16, my older brother is 17. We're playing with a pistol bb gun and he ignorantly puts it to my head and pulls the trigger. Yep. Blackness. Pain. Pain all over my left side. He gets grounded BIG time. Again, I'd like to say that we've learned our lesson; and we have when it comes to safety-but shooting guns is a tradition with our family. The bigger, the better. Let me reassure you, we HAVE learned the safety course. :)


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