Snowed In Weekend!

Carl the Snowman

Friday evening Nashville experienced snow actually worth talking about. We received about 4" of snow in a matter of hours! Roads were closed, traffic was stopped, it was the blissful silence only a snowfall can bring. Friday evening we were gathered at Travis's house for a game night of Chili and Jungle Speed (the best game ever!) when it began to snow. We were so engrossed in our game that it took a phone call from a concerned friend in Franklin to alert us of the heavy snowfall. One look out the window and I knew I wasn't driving home. Jon and Josh quickly left, (Jon has a 4x4 Jeep) and we settled back in for some snow-watching and a movie. After the movie (it was quite late) we noticed that the road still had not been plowed, and it was then that we all decided to stay put for the night. We talked and hung out until the wee hours of the morning before heading to bed. Before hitting the sack, however, we indulged in a mid-night's snowball fight; and it was fantastic! The sky was a soft pink, the night bouncing back off of the twinkle of the snow, creating the perfect amount of light to see. We prepared battle stations, practiced our aim, and bombarded our friends. It was a glorious battle that night.
After some much needed sleeping in, Brady made us REAL homemade French Toast, and it was perfect! We noticed that the sun was shining and our chances of making a snowman were quickly dripping away from us. We all bundled up (Mindee brought us clothes) and headed outside to make the wonderful Mr. Carl. C. Snowman. Mindee, Katy and I invaded the front yard next door (no one lives there) and began to roll huge snow piles. We did it for no reason, it was just funny. After satisfying our snow appetite, we all crashed inside for food and warmth. After deciding it best to go home, freshen up and shower, we all parted ways for the afternoon. I headed home to clean clothes and laundry, then headed over to Kyle's to help paint for a bit. We all reconvened at the Gravette household to make dinner and home made Thin Mints! They were fantastic. We watched the Goonies (oh, how I love that movie.) and again, stayed up way too late!
I felt so wastfulof my weekend, but hey. Everything I had to do on Saturday was canceled, so why not enjoy a weekend? I'm paying for it today though, having a hard time waking up. I will say that it was for sure the most fun I have had in a LONG time. My cheeks will permanently hurt from smiling and laughing, that's for sure.
Hope you stayed safe this weekend, and enjoyed the snow as much as I did!


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