I've joined the twitter world. Follow me HERE!

Now some thoughts on Twitter....

Twitter has now become a verb. To "twitter", or more recently shortened to "tweet"; means to update your status. What is status you ask? Whatever the heck you want it to be. My status today (on facebook. I don't know how to sync the two...) was "Stacey just saw a Segway roll by. Nice.". You can tweet about whatever you want, share a link, a photo, etc. The funniest of it all today was someone's tweet of this : "...let me know if you do a tweet up. i'll join and invite my tweeps aswell."
Let me break it down for you: a tweet up is speaking of a meeting, or joining together of people. Tweeps is a description for the people (aka Twitter'ers) who follow one another.

Clear as mud? I'm glad we had this talk.

Tweet ya later.


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